Apple iPhone 3G

Official iPhone 3G / 3GS Battery Replacement Video Instructions -


- iCracked, the worlds best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, shows you how to replace your ...

iPhone 3G Unboxing


Unboxing the 2nd generation iPhone: the iPhone 3G This was my first iPhone and my 2nd Apple device. I got it in 2008 and used ...

iPhone 3G S Ad


The new iPhone 3G S commercial! Follow me: .

Apple iPhone 3GS Unboxing and Review


The new Apple iPhone 3GS was launched today. Check out my video for the unboxing and review. Full details of the new Camera ...

Apple iPhone 3GS Guided Tour and features review


- Apple just announced the iPhone 3GS, their latest release in the iPhone family.

Official Apple iPhone 3GS


New iPhone 3G S Released June/July.

iPhone 3G - Unboxing


iPhone 3G Unboxing.

Apple WWDC 2009 - iPhone 3GS Introduction


Introduced in June 2009, the iPhone 3GS included both specification and feature enhancements over its predecessor, the wildly ...

iPhone 3G Unboxing! 10 Years Old Today


My First iPhone 3G Unboxing Exactly 10 Years Later! Hard to believe ten years has passed! This phone is worth $900-6000 ...4K

Apple iPhone 3G Review


The iPhone 3G is the successor to the original Apple phone, upgrading it with support for 3G HSDPA and GPS. It also runs the 2.0 ...

iPhone 3Gs Unboxing! 9 Years Old Today!


My First iPhone 3Gs Unboxing Ever! aaand I still get scammed 🤬 Today is the 3Gs 9 year anniversary since being announced!4K

Apple Keynote 2008 Complete - iPhone 3G, iPhone OS MobileMe.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicks off WWDC08 in San Francisco with a keynote that announces the iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 2.0 and the ...

iPhone 3GS Unboxing and Tour


Unboxing the Apple iPhone 3GS The iPhone 3Gs was released in 2009 and it features the exact same design as the previous ...

Apple WWDC 2008 - iPhone 3G Introduction


Released in June 2008, the iPhone 3G had been widely anticipated for nearly the entire lifespan of its predecessor, the wildly ...

Apple - All iPhone Design Film: 2G - X [4K]


The complete list of all OFFICIAL iPhone commercials from 2007 to 2017 (from 2G to X). The list includes: iPhone 2G 0:06 iPhone ...4K

Using the iPhone 3GS in 2018 - Review


Already nine years old, the iPhone 3GS has been unsupported since iOS 6 - but how does it hold up today in 2018? The iPhone ...

Apple WWDC 2010 - iPhone 4 Introduction


Introduced in June 2010, the iPhone 4 replaced the iPhone 3GS, and included the same Apple-designed A4 processor found in ...