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Una grande storia d'amore che dalla soap VL tedesca si diffonde nel mondo, tramite la rete, e come unatempesta sconvolge i nostri cuori... i Chrolli sapranno farci riconoscere nell'amore, qualunque esso sia Gay& Etero, comunque un amore proibito.Dalla Soap tedesca VL al canale:

amore gay christian & oliver christian & oliver ita chrolli gay stori verbotene liebe

Pffff Andi is so annoying some time.
thanxs for the upload. im really wondering if we see more Chrolli before Thore is leaving the Show for a while
OMG! I think Jessica is Ollie's sister!...maybe wishful thinking? lol
Tama Huka
im pretty sure olli nd jessica r brother nd sister 
aquarius tweentythree
jessica the drama queen...\n
jon quizo
I'm really missing the Chrolli kisses and sweet moments... They've somehow become the psychiatrists of the show now. hmf...