Perfect Height And Weight Chart For Men And Woman.

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Perfect Height And Weight For Men And Woman.You can see this chart and confirm the perfect weight for your height.Click This Link & Subscribe This Channel for more helpful video

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Aasim Ansari
My height 5:8 my weight 68😊
Abinash Boruah
My height is 5.7 weight 49 😞😞😞😞😔
Aby Khokhar
Amam Ali
I am 5.3 and my eeight is 43🐖🐖🐖🐘🐘
Aman Silaan
6.2 with 59 kg 🙁🙁
Amir Ahmad Amir Ahmad
My height 5 ' 3 or 55 kg
Anything Possible
Ashish choudhary
5.2 50 kg good
Avinash MN
5'7 was 75 now 64
My height 5.7 . weight 56 kgs
Ahh man i'm still growing
Bartol John
I'm perfect so now Mr Hitler won't throw me in the big oven right?
Brahman Zone
My height is 5.9 and weight is 60kg and my age is 14
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DS bundela Raja
I am 5'7 but my wait 53 said I like 65
Debajyoti Das
6.3 inch ka kya
Dipjay Das Challenger
My height 5.7 weight 51 kg
Durpati Droupati
I am 18 year and my height 4.9 hai weight 38 kg hai
Eshwoor Thapa Magar
5.6 my height an suitable weight 60 kg
Fateh Singh
my height is 5.8 and weight 71 😎😎😎😎😎
Gamer 123
My height 5'3' but weight only 40😵
General rohan
thnks forthis video....bhaiyaaa
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Hamza Kharal
My height is 6.4 and my weight is 170 I want to lose my 80kg
Harish Jay
im 15 my height is 5'8 and weight is 52kg is it ok?
Hritu Neha Dey
Israel M
5.10 =75 kg
Israr Gul
My height is 5.7 weight 62
5'4 my weight is 46kgHAHAH😂😂
Javed Khan
My height 5 .8 ha2 weight 85 kg
Jibin Official
5.5 Is My Height
Just Videos
Where's my height 6.4 WTF 😲😲
My height 5 11 i m 83 kg
Meri height 5'3 hai mera weight 60kg h but phir kyu mai moti dikhti hu😭😭😭😭
Kolkata Princess
I'm 54 kg. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I've to loose 19 kg more to reach 35 kg. OMG!!!😥😥😥😉😉
Ligma Balls
I’m 40 kg and 5’5
Loving Juhi
My height is 5'5\
Mohammed Rahat
My height 5:10 and weight is 71 kg
Mohd Azhar
6.1 h......... W 75 kg
Monika Raj
My height is 5.4 inch and weight 55 kg
Mr Khan
I’m 15 and 6’3. However my weight is only 66 KG. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰!
Mr. prefect
My hight is 5.10 and I m 45kgs
5.6 feet age 17 weight 81 and also a bodybuilder
Muntashir Mamun Timu
my height is 5' 10.5\
Najib Casa
Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about \
Naresh Rai
My hight is 5 fit 11 inch waight is 85 kg my age is 46 is it correct or overwaight ?
Nikita sarma
My height is 5.0 and my weight is 38 kg and l am 11 years old.does i'm overweight???
Ninad Raste
I am 5'9 and weight 65 kg yeah I am average 🙏👍
PLay BoY
Iam 6'2 \n101kg
Phantom Gaming
This made me realize that i m not overweighted
Pooja Rani
My height is 5.6 and weight 58😱😱😱\nIm perfect😎😎😎😎
Prajwal Sinha
My height is 5.10 and weight 77 kg..
Pözz Pöv
my Height 5'9 and weight 55 kg wtf
My height is 6'0\
M about 6.6 fit with 101 kg...
Raja Soni
My height 6.1 and weight is 77
Rajan Solanki
meri Height to aayi hai nai...6.4\
Rasheed Khan.06
5.9 height 73 kg 😇😇😇😇
Roaming Free Bakchodi
Height5 10 weight 79...
Rukhsar Parveen
Bhayya meri height 5'2\
My age is 14 my height is 5\
Saad Manzoor
Whats for 6.4 guys like me \nIam 92 kg
Sagar Mattu
My height 5:9&weight 61kg
Saikumar Tamarapalli
My height is 5'10. . & my weight is 68...\nThanks for ❤️
Salma Khatoon
My height is 5feet 11inch and weight 62 kg
Sam John
My height is 6 feet, weight is 56 kgs 🤔
Sanjok Rai
My height is 5:10 \nMy weight is 80😓😓
Shaju Antony
My height is 5.11 and ma weigh only 65
Soma Ghosh
My weight is 40 kg and height 5'1''
Swaranjali Jugran
5'5 h ....w8 ......45 h ....😣😁
5.6 weight 58 kg is it great or what
Tabassum Bani
I am 5.10 my wieght is 79 mashallah
Terminator Tress
height 6'2 and weight is 73
5'11 ( 180.3 cm ) and 74 kg
I m perfect Height 5'11\
Udaya Lakshmi
Good information
My height 6\
Vemba Vemba
My age is 24 my height is 5.10 my weight is 107🤔🤔🤔🤔
Wency Pesebre
My height is 4'7 and my weight is 36kg.. Am I fat??
am 5'8 and 13
Zain Khan
My height 5'8 weight 68kg
Zeeshan Hussain
My height is 5.11 weight 70
anurag srivastav
My height is 5feet 5 inch and weight is 50kg
bhoopendra sahu
Meri height 5'10'' hai weight 63 hai
jacop lubber
I am longer then 6.2 feet I am 6.3
miss taetae
im 13 yr old 5 in height and 28 in weight. lol
nirajan rai
my height 5 ft 3 inch and weight 54
phenomenal rajput
My height 5.6 & weight 42
s sural
My height is 6 feet \nWeight 80kg \nBut i am so fat
samiul ashik
My hight 5,8 and my weight 72 kg
sandeep Kumar jaiswal
Please make more
saqlain malik
My hieght 5'8\
siva kumar
For 6.4
I’m 5’3” and 41kgs
subhan ullah
my height 5.7. weight 73kg
sumit birla
my height 5,6 my wieght 67
tripati maharana
My height is 5 feet 8.5 inches and weight 55kg
twinkle moolchandani
zishan ali
my hight is 5.9 or weight 73