Perfect Height And Weight Chart For Men And Woman.

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Perfect Height And Weight For Men And Woman.You can see this chart and confirm the perfect weight for your height.Click This Link & Subscribe This Channel for more helpful video

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2. O
50 Cal
Bill kull freee Ha .....
5’11 54 kg here
5'0 and 50 kg cool
Abinash Boruah
My height is 5.7 weight 49 😞😞😞😞😔
Adnan Dar
Allipilli Appaji
Aman Rajput
Height 5'6\
Asansol Laughter chennel
My height is 5.7 and weight is 62 kg
Ashu Maurya
my age is 21 my weight is 51 is it normal or not i need gain weight
thnks forthis video....bhaiyaaa
Chaotic Charge Wars
Why excluding the tall people. My height is unlisted. My mom always said I was special😢
Dhananjay Giri
My height 5.7.5\nW 63 age 28
I’m 5’11” and I’m 57kilos...\n\n😐
Faris Talal
My height is 5\
Flame Assault
I am 5'5 and only 47 kg
G.K Khora
gym boy
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Guillergin Lozada
Omg I'm 5'7 but I'm only 56
Indian beast
5'10 and i am 77 that's okk
Just Videos
Where's my height 6.4 WTF 😲😲
Kalpana Makwana
My target is 57 kg
Karanjeet Singh
Sir meri age 15 saal hai aur meri height 5'7\
Kas Seraj
Bht accha h yh video thnx 👌
Kaviraj Jadhav
Kayamuddin Khan
Bhai mera Perfect height and weight hai Height 5.4 weight is 65 chalega na bhai
Khadija Amir
Sir Meri height 5'4 h Meri age 14 h or Mera weight 71 hai 😢
Lavly Akter
Vai 14 years old girl ke hight and weight kaisa hona chahiye...plz reply me.....i am ur new subscriber.....
Manisha Chiudhry
Mery weigh 45 or height 5'2 h shi h ye ya nhi or age 22
Maryam Mughal
Height 5.6 weight 62 theek hai kya?
Mayank Keshri
First subscriber
Mohd Azhar
6.1 h......... W 75 kg
Mona AM
I don't understand what you say! buy I see thanks for sharing ! :)
Najib Casa
Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about \
Navita Chaturvedi
Height 5.7 and weight 60 kg
Ninad Raste
I am 5'9 and weight 65 kg yeah I am average 🙏👍
Omg mera to bhot badha hua hai. 5.3 ka 67kg..😓😓😓😓😫😫
Pinku Psycho
Were is 63 male
Pooja Pooja
Meri height h 5.2 inc or weight h 38 kg kya sahi h mere weight
Pracheta Sarkar
My weight is 44...nd height 5'5\
Prince Bhinder
my height = 6'0\nmy weight = 65 kg
Bro mine hight is 5'6 but my weight is 49 and my age is 13
Radha saini
perfect 5'6'' pr 63
Roger Covey
We r in the USA so speak English.DUH.
Rohin Heer
5-11 weight 77 kg
Rukhsar Parveen
Bhayya meri height 5'2\
SAD the jade 1
My height is 5'5, I'm 17 and 53kg... :(
Sabrina Afroz Mumu
I'm 5.3 hight\nAnd 55kg\nPerfect 😃😃😄😁
Sadhana Singh
Mera height weight thik hai but mujhe body kaam Karni hai ...mein dekhne me Jaya healthy dekhti hu
Sahil Shah
meri hight 5.11 aur weight 90 kg
Salma khatun
Sir meri age 20 hay our hight 5'3\
Samir Khan
my height is 6.1 and weight 56
Samir Kumar
hight kaise badana he
Samyukta M Nair
Dear sir how much do 150 cm in feet count??????
Sanjiv B
I M 6 feets. ...and 75 kg
Shahnaz Khan
Mera height 5.6' , , N weight 65
Sidhu Saab
5,7.5 and 55 kilo😂😂
Somya Misra
Height kaise badhye
Subrata Das
Average height kitna hona chahiye boys k liye🤔batayenge
Sumit Pandey
my height is 6'1 weight 75 kg
Surinder Kaur
Meri hight 5-3\
Swaranjali Jugran
5'5 h ....w8 ......45 h ....😣😁
Thanthani Thani
im 5'9 and 58 kg but i like my figure❤❤
Thincpro !
13 5,7 and 58 kg and yea I'm Indian
Tigear Zinda Hai
sir may 4.9ha height to kitna kg hona saheya plx say sir
Udaya Kumar Udaya
Tnz for video
Udaya Lakshmi
Good information
Unknown Person
Im 5'7 51 kg
Vishesh Pahwa
6'5 Ka kitna h
am 5'8 and 13
abhishek kn
5.5 / 166 cm height and weight 55 kg normal edina
ace has friends [i'm jungshook]
height : 4'4 weight : 30
amit verma
sir wait kse badye plz reply me
baljeet guraya
bhai mere height 5 \
biki pyarwala
bhai mera height 6\
chal phut
5.8 h weight 110 kg
cønfetti tyler
I'm 5'4\
diya singh
my height is 5'8 or I am only 13 years old
kaminoo ka adaa
Bhai 6'3 k liye
kaunain jafar
Yaar 6 ft hun.but age 22 hai kiya weight hona chaiye..
kumar gaurav Gaurav
Age kuchh diya hi nahi hai
raj nayak C R
I am 5.8 wt 63
sanjog sharma
My height is 5.7 I m 50kg is it good or not please reply
shamsher singh
merai height 5.4 hai weight 72 female
shy girl
My hight is 5.3 n weight it perfect
skygamer india
Me 13 saal ka hu aur meri height 5\
smolmin subliminals
I'm 5'5 and 45kg 😂
sonal kodiyatar
soni k
thnx sir for rply me
star girl
How to increase height
subodh pol
Mera height 6 foot and weight 71 kg hai.
taneti rohith
twinkle moolchandani
usha usha
Pls mention age wise weight
uttam karade
5.9 68
varsha Sancheti
zahir khan
my height. 5.7 weight:61