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Written by David SchowDirected by Larry Cohen ("It's Alive," "The Invaders")Two urban legends collide on a desolate roadside when Wheeler, a serial killer who slays hitchhikers, offers a ride to Walker, a hitchhiker who slays any individual unlucky enough to offer him a ride. Caught between these two bearers of death and destruction is our heroine, a 25 year old woman who will need to choose her ally carefully or become another bloody notch on a belt in this deadly game of cat and mouse.

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i would have to say this is my favourite masters of horror ep EVER!!!!
la mejorrrrr
Best ending ever
Crisnuel Paolo MacAiran
larry cohen's contribution as one of the Masters of Horror
well I can say I just watched pick me up. The fucking trailer was the whole fucking movie.
That busdriver is such an asshole! Running over an animal and laughing about it!
Faded Iz Sik
same song on the trailer for jennifer.
Fercho B
Hello, does somebody know what's the name of the song of the ending and credits scence?
Gabriel Divina
hey isn't that Nancy, why couldn't she just use her witch powers, oh yeah Sarah bind her powers (reference to The Craft)
series of obscure horror movies, in order to bring them into the public's eye.
I laughed when he just casually hit her head on the dash
This was one of my favorites the story was so original not just a serial killer, but two fighting over who gets to kill the victim.\r\nThe ending was cool too.
i just brought this ,i got both seasons box sets the skull and the casket great.
i like the idea of two psycho's fighting over the one victim.
Lavern Merriweather
all the victims in this were stupid as fuck they deserved to get killed off.
I say this is definitely the best Masters of Horror trailer. It makes me say - I have GOT to see this.
@heizgoth dude they didnt even air imprint cuz it was so bad! its not even available in the first season volumes! u had to buy it separate! that one made my girlfriend puke. lol
One of my favorite MOH eps directed by one of my favorite directors, starring one of my favorite actors as a charming serial killer trucker. Can't get better than that!
Live From The Grave
They just showed the whole damn movie in this trailer \nit's only an hour long movie
Living Dead Paradox
@liw213 yeah, I found out about this series a couple years ago and am trying to watch more on xbox netflix.\n\nThey also cancelled that Tales from the darkside show! Everytime I find out about a new horror anthology -- I later find out they were cancelled after a few years..\n\nThis show always seems to have an ironic ending.
nice 2 serial killers come across
Martina Bianchini
I'm downloading is it??Is it a good movie??
Mike Payne
@hoboanay have you tried ebay ?
Nikolaj Merikano
This one sucked. Fairuza Balk was terrible, and Michael Moriarty is just insane.
Pamela Torres
When I saw this trailer, I originally thought the 2 killers were working together to trap their victims. To be honest, I'm not as crazy about this episode, especially because the trucker's accent was so damn annoying!
Ryan J. Clark
This is my personal favorite episode, out of the ones I've seen
SIK STRINGZ i didnt know it was so easy to bang a bitches head to the dash board...\nahaha short breaths\n- horrible
So this is what Wheeler from Captain Planet turned into.
Star Man
Oh dear!
Stephen O Sullivan
Does anyone else think this episode is a rip off of the film The Hollywood Strangler Meets The Skidrow Slasher?
Common Law!!!!
looks awesome bet the guy who needs a ride is deadlier!
1:20 lol
This movie's awesome!!!! :P Watch it :)
Did you know that if you lay for 2 minutes naked on top of someone with your butt near their face that you can grow taller overnight?
@greekdeva7 people like you ruin movies that could be good by saying shit like that \
@ElectricShark It's a horror movie, the victims are supposed to be assholes. That's how the viewer is made to accept their death as \
ha, this looks jokes
Yes Amazon. You can get is used or new for a great price and fast shipping.
Xander Lovecraft
Damn, that looks good. I definately need to see, especially because I'm like one of the biggest Fairuza Balk fans too.
birdof hermes
ah i laughed so hard at t his movie and i really liked the ending ;)
blair knight
@madammelva I thought they were working together too but ou say that isn't the case
Just finished watching \
it's a good thing the cowboy wasn't on a \
@ElectricShark yea he should get his ass kick for that (wich he did)
wasn't killed by the snake later. HAHAHAHAHAHA
i've seen \
Another horror-filled masterpiece,and the shock ending was explosive.Kudos to you,Mr. David J. Schow
marco antonio moreno figueroa
Me too i wanna see the video
yo dawg i heard you like serial killers
moolie hang
Hi I just want to know where can I get these movie from or like buy it from where? Thanks
this is my favourite masters of horror episode its amazing its great alright its not scary but still i was sitting and watching all the time with my mouth wide open. I laught a couple of time cuz those 2 killers are really funny when you get to know them. I really love'd the ending best ending ever really cool.
good unique flick
@HomicidalDavid I know what you mean! I am only 17 so I was very young when these shows were a hit and now I got to make up for lost time =D Two other good horror anthology shows are Tales from the Cyrpt which I am sure you have heard of. Good news about that is they are bringing it back with the original voice actor who played the cyrptkeeper! The other one is Fear Itself which only lasted 1 season. Why do stupid shows like Hannah Montanna last forever but great shows like these get canceled?
Oh thank God I watched the actual movie FIRST and not the preview!!! It gives away the good stuff. God, I hate 90% of the trailers because \n1. They ruin all suspense and contain spoilers. \n2. Can make crappy movie look awesome and awesome movie look crappy. \n3. Did I mention they give away the surprise?
pacox punk
donde las puedo descargar?????????????
philip hughes
Laurene Landon is such a lovely lady, we don't see her enough.
I love this one & have seen it several times when it was still on cable.
i nevr watched it but by the trailer it looks like a horror comedy.
the truck driver is the best
in 1932 a girl was raped and then had the words \