Metabo - 5.2 Ah battery pack (English)

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5.2 Ah - The strongest battery in the world with the longest run time.Great freedom: Drive in screws, drill holes, saw, cut, grind, polish and illuminate with 5.2 Ah for even longer - completely without cable. More infos you will find on www.metabo.comThe Ultra-M TechnologyThe Ultra-M Technology stands for the ideal synchronisation and perfect communicationbetween machine, battery pack and charger. Such efficiencies give you many workingadvantages. More under

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Matthew Austin
I was impressed when I saw how the built in fan deals with dust and small bits of rubble
That ad was alot about nothing.\nSo they're using 2600mah cells, anyone know what make and the amp drain? 
Someone please tell us what are the cells inside, or should I make a teardown video of my new aku? :)
bishop mac
don't play, work!
Hi - whats the model number for the charger that goes with this? - Cant seem to find it, nor anyone selling it - sorry for missing it