Classic Rap Hip Hop mix Part #1

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2PAC Hip Hop Notorius Big Rap biggie smalls chill dr dre east coast eminem funk gangsta jay z jayz jazz old puf... school snoop dog west coast

Only one word for this list: dope
My head is just bumping tho the fist track dammm🔥🔥
Adetunji Oyebanji
That Disco Inferno remix is lit af!!
Adrian Ghandour
Amine Scob
dope dope dope bro big up from Morocco
22:52 - Ja wiedziałem że tak będzie! :)
Anton Phillipson
THIS is rap. Awesome mix man
Ayoub Deeer
Inorme mix Mercie
BaByLoN 03
@Noise Explorer thank you this mix Best😍😍😍🤙🤙rap forever
Benjamin Roux
Ahhhhh thanks you , i can sleep now ! Good mix , chill , clean ! Love ! 8.8M ans no pub !! Thanks you soo mucth !
Brice Dragotto
Une tuerie Mec
This is much better than the mumble in 2017
Carlos Gr
Me corri 109 veces
Carolina Leiva
nice ❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏
Chill Jr.
I've Listened to all these songs when I was just a little shit, still sounds good. Thx bro
DJ SkyWalker
nice sounds🔥🔥🔥best wishes from Germany/Frankfurt City
Daniel Brito
Chill Bump - The Memo\n\n50 Cent - In Da Club (Woodys Produce 2005 Remix)\n\nChinese Man - Run Run Run (CHILL BUMP Remix ) \n\nG-Unit - Poppin' Them Thangs \n\nTask Rok & Dumb Luck - Once Again\n\nBang Bang - feat. Notorious B.I.G. and KRS ONE \n\nJay feat Alicia Keys - Empre State Of Mind \n\nAwon & Dephlow - \
Daniel Vazquez
Excelente, un gran like bro.
Dark Joker814
Beautiful mix ! Noise exp., you earned a sub great work!
DizzyGames 101
I love this man\n10/10
richtig nice
Drawin Stuff
Has been long since I heard actual rap
EL. Issam
i can't stop listening to this from #1 to #5 , amazing stuff
Emily Rigby
Ervins Studio
omg this is so fuc** good make more!!!
Ewout Buijnsters
Song name 23:12
This is gold. keep it up
Farid Ben Turkia
Great mix....thx
That flow is dope :)
Geovanna Ortega
De lo mejor 👌🏼
Gino Baeza
como se llama el que canta en el minuto 6 ....
GrbZ Kaya
bang bang is sick....comin from a pac fan
Gustav Sjökvist
\u003e Has biggie in the thumbnail \n\u003e Doesn't have biggie in the playlist.
Happy Cola
love this
Inês Liberato
Jaime Mittelbrunn
this is dope mando, saludos desde España
Anyone else got this one repeat?
James Tasker
Great mix. Listened loads.
Jeff Soupa
Very Very nice. ...the best mix hip hop for long time. .respect ! !
John.B thesheriff
Bang Bang - feat. Notorious B.I.G. and KRS ONE is dam nice
Im a simple man, i see biggie i click
Karina Ledesma
OMG this is amazing is the best thing i heard,i love it, those who hear it in november of 2018 ?
Khael Kadri
Ça c est du son la vie de am
Kharim Ouattara
i love hip hop
Krokeur Musik
Le 1er c chill bump c trop cool !!!
Lisa Bonn
anyones samurai champloo?
Luke Bitwalker
@Noise Explorer : your classic rap & hip hop mixes are MASTERPIECES!!! Keep on doing more!
Luuk verbeek
Can you add the tracklist in the discription and please make more
Marius Frija
wow that man stood there for 40 min :))))
Markos Evans
Yes!! :) AWESOME!!
Max X
Зачётный пухляшь!))) годно
Michael Streeter
I would be okay if Mos Def, Black Thought, and Common decided to do an album. Featuring Q-Tip and your favorite rapper😊
Mrty 1767
This mix is🔥im a big fan of the old school rap nice work
Nkokonjeru Robert
100% nice nonstop
Noise Explorer
Brand new type of mixes on the channel ! Tell me if you want more set like this :)\nTracklist & Free Download available now !
Owen Prins
American rap always been one of my favorite.\nLove from The Netherlands fam
Películas FullHD
como se llama la cancion que empieza a los 18:36???
Petar Radosavljevic
try listen this tru new krk 8 G3 :))) Soundddd is amaizing
Petros Maragos
nice tracks !! real dope
Piret Quentin
Quel travail! You get the job done man.
Is that even Jay Z or Alicia Keys? Sounds like a cover
Roland K.
this is rap. not 21 savage
Love this music....thanks for the share :)
Samuel Muchiri
that 1st track gadammit!! eargasm right there.
Simone ddj
beautiful this is music brother
nice for gaming
Skógarás 16
So damn good
Keeps me going at work... thanks
Stefano Tosi
That's some serious shit! Big up Noise Explorer!
Stevie Spoolspinner
This is the only \
excelente mate felicitaciones....ahi vas por el camino de la musica y de la vida.....lina rico
The Curry Guy
I was looking for a mix like this, new rap is so shit classic is my favourite RIP Tupac \u003c3
This is so killer!
UN Kidal
Awesome mix, stylish visualization as well. Subscribed!
Vanskie Villareal
OLD School baby \u003c3
Vaughny Sins
Lookin good
Ville Pakarinen
I love oldschool hiphop and this mix is very nice!\n\nthank you :)
No soy de escuchar Hip-Hop pero ésto lo escucho todos los días, está muy bien hecho el mix
Wilfredo Ramos
BangBang with Biggie & KRS FIREEEEE
Will x Killeur
don't want to be that guy but 42:20 long :\u003e Blaze it.
William Saputra
oooww thankkkkyou for sharing this...
This is one of the best collections - but minute 23:53 is a gift from heaven!
Xander meek
thanks! i like it
Yokfa Na-Kalasindhu
the 30th mins made my day at work!! thanks so much for your work!
Yovanny Abreu
No entiendo ni mierda, pero el beat is cool baby
gonçalo Gomes
sry the 2k dislikes where from my neighbours
hussein abbas
Nice beat
jon karter
aey aey est li tyt nawi kotorye warut pomestnoi teme chitaet was tyt napisannoe bazaru net brat esli ewe chitaew dannoe sms poslanie tak vot esli ti ewe na svyazi i prodoljaew eto chitat stav na gromkyu i dabav basov dlya nawih baksov ne jalko delai pogromche naywnik ili kolonki navali vseh
Best rap mix :)
showball fs
l suscribe, is nice the mix
themister hd
sweet and presious!!!!!!!!!!!!
user 53503
usman naeem
amazing song hip hop
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