How to install a 12 Port Cat5e/Cat6 wall-mount Patch Panel

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In this video, we show you how to install a Cat5e or Cat6 wall mounted patch panel.

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BCS Intreprindere Individuala
I'd put 3 screws in the kit. Sometimes one of the screws falls down somewhere where people cannot recover it at the moment (under the furniture, under a heavy device).\nI have one networking mission a year and each time I come back to your channel to refresh my knowledge and learn new stuff. Hopefully one day my business will grow enough so I can afford importing from USA so I can support your channel.\nThank you!
Calvin Henderson
Thanks for the helpful video!\n\nQuestion regarding patch panel usage. Can a patch panel be used to extend the distance of ethernet? \n\nMeaning cable ran to the rear of the house can terminate into a patch panel that connects to a patch panel on the front of the house. Builder ran cables to closet (rear of house) and I want to run from closet to office (front of house).
Lots of good information in this video. The video quality is not as high as you normally produce. It didn't stop me from picking up good tips though -- thanks!
Jason Lee
Was this filmed in 240p?
Len Ward
Thank you! In Canada Amazon is this a dshot brand??thanks!!!
Mike Morgan
Thanks for the effort!
And now I know why I have issues with the patch panel I bought off Amazon for my church. I didn't know the difference, and bought one with \
Is it available with metal bracket?