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Written by Mick GarrisDirected by Mick Garris ("Riding the Bullet," "The Stand")Jamie (Henry Thomas), a newly divorced young man who creates artificial flavors for the food industry, suddenly and inexplicably starts to experience brief and random flashes from someone - and somewhere - unknown: sight, sound, smell, touch. Learning that he's experiencing life through the senses of a mysterious woman, he begins to fall in love with her - without having met her. Eventually, he discovers a horrifying secret that binds him inexorably with the perfect woman in an erotic, horrifying dance of death.

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Um no. that's the boy from E.T.....not pet semetary.
Holimoli  freaken hell, I have been watching horrors since I was a little boy, the first horror movie I saw was The Turn Of The Screw B/W version and I have to tell you the masters of horror Chocolate  has got to be the freakiest and scariest movie I have ever seen, OMG , WTF, FT the moment that happened to me I would make my way to the Medicine Woman/man's tipi/lodge or holy man or holy woman,  failing that an exorcism and what's worse he goes back for more, WTF. You know like slasher movie scare women, well I tell you the Masters Of Horror's short horror Chocolate  is the equivalent of the woman's horror scare for men FT could not finish watchin it, I am glad I prefer banging cono and nothing will change that.
Cody Show
i wish i knew that name of the song that wally's band was playing in the movie
Okay... I thought this was a comedy... o_o
Can anyone tell me what is the song played by the band in this episode?
that's the kid from ET
Ellllliot! I don't care what other movies he is in he'll always be Elliot lol.
Jas cat
i like the one about edgar allen poe. does anyone kno why they stooped making this show????? cuz i am like a huge fan
Kitty Grimm
This episode made no sense. It wasn't even scary.
Koen Fris
best of the series!
Matthew Cafari
by making love i have a dream of tasting chocolate .... choception
im chocoholic
i keep tasting someone else chocolat.....this has to be one of the worst line i heard in recent years
I think this guy played in Willard
So far I have seen only three episodes, the first one, than Imprint and Jennifer. I thought Imprint was disgusting and really just not.. good... Jennifer felt strung together and overall felt messy. So far I cannot understand why people like any of these, they are just gore packed, nudity filled and disgusting. That doesn't do it for me, I need a story or at least some interesting characters or plot elements.
Pamela Torres
I'm not sure about this one; it has potential but it got a couple of crappy Amazon fan reviews...;s
Uśmiałam się po pachy, gdy go oglądałam :D.
Where is the chocolate?
omG these maters of horror things are to scary for me...
Quentin Theriault
I am fan of the show but this wasnt one of my the better episodes in my opinion
Ray Prohaska
pretty weird episode!
It was a okay. It's not scary at all, but the acting was good.
The piano music? That's the opening theme. Just look 'masters of horror opening theme' up here on Youtube, and you'll find it. That's how I found it. Now it's on my iPod. Sad thing is, the song's only about a minute long. But, it's still amazing.
Yup, that's Henry Thomas! Crazy to think that that's the same guy who was in that amazing film!
Dreams in the Witch-House isn't bad either. I can't wait to see Cigarette Burns, I've heard it's awesome :)
imprint and cigarette burns best episodes i have watched so far :\u003e
does anyone know whats the name of the band or the song, they are playing live in the bar in this episode?
blair knight
@maxpayne232 I agree was hoping for more and it did get pretty goofy especially when he is writhing on th bed and I thought what is going on and then it dawned on me tat he was xperiencing an orgasm just like that woman was and I thought are you kidding me! seriously it is one of those moments where at first I thought poor henry thomas is having a seizure of something because he looked visibly freaked out and then when you realize it is something else
That guy is the little kid from Pet Semetary. I met him at a horror convention in NJ. Cool dude.
jacob mayhan
from this trailer this movie looks like a huge turd
He's actually still a really great actor, he deserves more and better work.
juggy brodelteen
@hellotelephone1 lol from spongebob
Is an episode, from MASTERS OF HORROR, is about a girl who murdered her husband, and he feels how the girl feels, even he lives in the states and she in Canada. This episode is call Chocolate, is the 5 in the first season. Hope it works for u. XD
I red this story in the first of the Hot Blood anthology series,and It was flawlessly written in every way.The story was written by Mick Garris,and he is a true Master of Horror!
moolie hang
Anyone knows where I can watch these movie for free
I thought it was about addiction of chocolate that he got fatter and explode sadly it isnt:(
VincibleD- Thanks for introducing me to that song! You're right about the similarity too
Δαγών Cult
i saw it ..what an amazing episode!!!!! yea masters of horror.......!!!!! its really creepy!!!!!!!