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Travel to the land that time forgot and set out on the journey of a lifetime in Patagonia, where Mother Nature runs the show. Patagonia, the fabled ‘edge of the world’, spans the southernmost regions of Chile and Argentina and can be rugged and desolate as well as breathtakingly beautiful and inviting.This last frontier of South America is a colorful mosaic of snow-capped mountains, icebergs, volcanoes, glaciers, forests, lakes and vast steppe plains.On the Argentinean side, the scenic Road of the 7 Lakes takes you from San Martín de los Andes to Villa La Angostura and finally San Carlos de Bariloche, a popular ski resort on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.El Chaltén, in the southern Andes, is Argentina’s trekking capital. Trails lead to Laguna Capri, Fitz Roy Mountain and the fearsome Cerro Torre.El Calafate is nestled the southern shores of Lago Argentino and is the gateway lake to Los Glaciares National Park. Here, one of the world’s most awe-inspiring glaciers awaits: the Perito Moreno Glacier.In the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, take the 'End of the World Train’ to Tierra del Fuego National Park or get there by boat over the Beagle Channel. Photo opportunities along the way include Bird Island, Seal Island and the historic Les Éclaireurs lighthouse.On the Chilean side of Patagonia, the regional capital Punta Arenas attracts visitors with its colonial architecture, cultural attractions and hospitality.Tour the region’s Milodón Cave, where the remains of a giant ground-dwelling sloth and other huge extinct species were found.Torres del Paine National Park is great for horse riding or hiking, with its steppes, snowcapped peaks, brimming lakes and Salto Grande waterfalls.On the northern border of Chilean Patagonia, in the Los Lagos region, looms the mighty Osorno Volcano. The town of Puerto Varas, on the opposite shores of Lake Llanquihue, marks the end your Patagonia expedition.

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I went to all these places 4 years ago and cannot wait to return. A very spiritual journey. Traverse the Andes fron San Carlos de Bariloche to Puerto Montt via the lakes and buses.
Argentina and Chile are both stunning places , like New Zealand on steroids haha... but i still prefer the Azores :)
A. R. Z
I am starting to prepare a trip schedule for the beautiful land.
AHSAN Chowdhury
How beautiful this world
This video is very unfair with the chilean Patagonia. It only shows Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine (and very superficially) and Volcán Osorno... Really? What happened with the Aysén Region, Queulat National Park, San Rafael Glacier, Cerro Castillo, General Carrera Lake?
Great vedio...good job expedia
Great video, but the music is a little too dramatic.
Adritho Zaifar
These places are really beautiful
Ahmed N
Sweet mother of everything that is holy, I'm not religious but this is so wrenchingly beautiful that it makes me wanna pray. Patagonia, I'm coming for you!
I think it's safe to say Patagonia has made it to my list of places to go. It looks so beautiful \u003c3
An Adventurous World
Beautiful! We'll have to visit soon ...
Andro A
Visual orgasm
Arif Muqorrobin
man ,, this patagonia and iceland episode is very beautiful, im not overreaction but i almost cry with just only see ice mountain and great waterfall and wonderful beach, because in my country its very rare to see snow lol .. thanks to you who made such a great video, i hope u keep uploading video from all over the world,, this is very recomended chanel ..\nnote : great video editing and backsound (claphand)
It's giving felling of the lord of the ring....
Benediktus Naijava
amazing, litle piece of heaven on eath.
Bibi Pietri
I need to go there. Amazing
made me cry
Carter Ramsay
Absolutely beautiful, an amazing insight into the beautiful world of Patagonia.
Celena Liu
“The far edges of the world reminds us, we are just temporary spectators of nature’s infinite beauty” :') beautifully said
Cesar Seabra
I am amazed! One of the best Expedia videos ever. Next trip will be to Patagônia! By car! My goodness!
Chat Hall
My bejesus! Patagonia has surely got be the most beautiful place on earth. I want to see every single place depicted in this amazing video. Chile and Argentina- I hope you both appreciate how lucky you are!
Cherry Lou
How beautiful is Argentina! 💕
Daniel Hammond
Beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. What time does the plane leave?! Amazing!
Love it!
Dr. Chuii Stupignan
I'm planning a trip there in 3 months, so excited! Still thinking about getting to Tierra del Fuego by car or by plane (I know there's no thinking about it, but time it's not my friend in this trip) but willing to meet all those beautiful lands.
Edmundo Weber
Argentina is South America's Canada. I'm stunned by how similar our natural landscapes are. Saludos from up north!
Edson Birk Lizze
Maravilhoso...sem palavras!
Eduardo GMT
Most beautiful place on earth!!
El pepe
Cerro Torre is located in chilean territory, at the east boundary of Campos de Hielo Sur. Campos de Hielo is a 95% chilean, and is the biggest freshwater reserve outside Antartica.
Fadi Antwan
Wow! Mesmerizing beauty! Reminds me of Middle Earth. :)
Faraón Milenario
You have to enjoy Patagonia and meet before the Zionists and Israelis destroyed.
Feel like a Sir
In Argentina every year the last grade of high school travels to Bariloche, it's like a tradition. Very beautiful tradition!
Gavin TheGamer52
Beautiful! Am gonna start saving for this trip:-) thanks for the vid Expedia!
ISHAK Guettal
I can't believe that 141 people dislicked this video
Isidora Manutd
Absolutely beautiful!
Istiaque Hossain
This is so beautiful,too bad the journey is too expensive from my country.But still hope to go there
J's Pixels
Dang, how come I've never heard of this paradise??
Such a beauty! Great video I lived in the Chilean side for 5 years and travelled to the Argentinian side too but I noticed that you missed a huge region between Punta Arenas and Osorno, Futaleufu and the Marbel cathedral are stunning in lake general Carrera plus the Navimag that goes through all the little islands it's an amazing trip, I just love Patagonia, Calafate is a Must ;)
Jad El-Kayan
John Ferguson
I know this place. I have take breath when watching this. Can anyone tell me if it's costing? I think I need to save money for this trip with my family.
Jose D. Cordero
King Of Freljord
Tranquilamente pueden grabar el señor de los anillos en estos paisajes
Lautaro Monzón
It is not Scandinavia, nor canada, it is Patagonia
Lynda J. A.
Wow!!!!! Great video and amazing landscapes!
Mana von Unger
Beautiful Patagonia ♥️
Mario Clemente
Amazing video , congratulations
Marlon Báez Borrero
I can't believe the beauty of Patagonia.
Max UA
Wow! Deserves an Oscar! Outstanding work!
Miyoshi Nancy Umeki
I would love the background music. It’s great. Thank you.
Myrn Yocom
Wow I'm Jealous I'd love to go there!
Nicolas Barral
Beautiful argentina and chile too.
Nikhil Dandekar
From Wikipedia: ”Human habitation of the region dates back thousands of years, with some early archaeological findings in the area dated to at least the 13th millennium BC”.\n\n1:55 ”Magellan was the first to arrive here in the 16th century\
Oskar Müller
Way more beautiful than Norway...
I really hope one day to visit Patagonia 😍
Paolo Escober
Been watching this video over and over again. Great music and cinematic shots!
Patricia AlonsoBreier
Amazing- Excellent ! This video takes my breath away... besides the beautiful scenery & music, well reseached in history & touristic information... Congratulations!
Paul Bredewoud
I've had a beautiful trip in Argentina. I started out in Buenos Aires and then took a flight to Bariloche. From there i rented a car and drove the 7 lakes route. After that, me and my girlfriend, took the ruta 40 to El Bolson - which is a very nice place - El chalten and El Calafate. The route is amazing and a once in a lifetime experience.
Piero Bellini
This videos skips all the natural wonders of the west pacific side of Patagonia. Jumping from Torres del Paine to the Lake district id forgetting 1,200 kilometers of one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world, filled with fiords, channels, glaciers and waterways that make the Chilean side of Patagonia a unique place.
Point North
If you travel to Misiones you will see Iguazu Falls, totally different from Patagonia, no winter there.That's the beauty of Argentina....don't forget asado and empanadas
Ponas Karusele
WHAT!!! i thought beautiful places like that don't exist anymore! Oh how wrong was i....
The chilean patagonia deserves a video apart....... more green, more beatiful and more spectacular than the argentinian patagonia ;)
Oh my lord! I've heard of this place but had no idea it was this beautiful. Absolutely stunning
Raghavendra Chintapenta
The best Expedia vid ever!
Raluca JOY
Patagonia is amazing! Thank you, Expedia :)!!
Riccardo Cascio
River Plate
Hello! I am Argentine and I recommend a tour in the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche, it is really an experience that you will never forget since it is a very entertaining city to visit with many activities for the day and at night, thank you very much, Regards!
Roam The World
Dream destination..
Bike touring along the Patagonia has been my first and foremost bucket list for a long time. ^_^
Saif Hadeathi
here where I wish to spend the rest of my life
Sang Ca
Thank you so much to the people who made this wonderful video. That's speech less.
Shadima Lpz
Inmensos paisajes de cuentos de hadas... \nqué hermosa es mi Argentina 💕😊
Shaiful Azman
Subhanallah, Allahuakhbar.....must be the most beautiful place on Earth........take it from me who has been to New Zealand and Switzerland
Su Tash
Ushuaia de mi corazón! Qué ganas de volver a mi sur amado.
Terrible Person From Louisiana
Jesus' creations! :D
Tommy Israel
The Argentinian Patagonia deserves a video apart... is bigger, is more beatiful, and more spectacular.
Vaibhav Kumar
I love your work man....amazing place to visit.
Vogel Rocker
Argentinean side is the best!
Wikki Foo
wow ..... smthng dfrent extra ordinary
abid raj
your all video nice
ale rivera
Chilean patagonia ir more beautiful... Torres del Paine 😍
Is it me, my monitor settings or are the colors really that amazing? ;-)
You sure as hell convinced me to want to travel there!
ken sim
oh howi wish i can visit this magical place
kenny alan
AWESOME VIDEO !!!! I live in Punta Arenas and i have visit this places! Thanks Expedia :)
life is beautiful
luuchoo G
I've traveled many countries in the world, but Patagonia is definetly among the most mind blowing regions on Earth. There's so much natural beauty...
madwik mars
chiliian side of the patagonia is wonderful and wild horses
Good Lord!!! What a beautiful place!!!
pSL 1988
Amazing landscapes!.Please make videos about Minneapolis , charlotte and cleveland.
This video deserves an Oscar! It's fabulous!
unluckily here we only see a small fraction... and it is much more spectacular than this!
Is there a big difference between the Argentinian Patagonia and the Chilean one?
Damn it expedia.. u are getting better every second!!
the phoenix 315
Looks like Vermont and Alberta
todo documentales y videos
no se mostro ni el 5% de la Patagonia Argentina falta la parte que da al Oceano y muchos lugares mas pero el video te enamora y da ganas de viajar !
The colorful and flowery language that was used in the voiceover for Patagonia seems totally appropriate. This looks awesome.
This just amazing 😍😍😍
Σπυρος Κωτσιας
wow dreamer travel