The Young Ronaldo R9 ● Rare U-20 Skills ● Cruzeiro | Brazil | PSV

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Amazing goals and skills performed by the legendary Ronaldo Nazario, whe he was a U-20 player.If you like my work, become a fan on facebook and follow me on twitter:Song: N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)

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The greatest ever!
No one will come close to him the best ever R9❤️
Aleksander Småbrekke
Good video
Alexandre Veiga
Ammar Al Noaimi
A genius player
Baraa Jawabreh
Damn the sound track is 🔥
Benedict athenz
The Phenom is the main reason I play to imitate his dribbling skills,running skills and the amazing-rilex goals..and yes,dribbler like him are oftenly being targeted and knee injury stop my dream in a very young football idol..R\
Bob Marley
Brainless Nick
People talking about Messi, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona, Mbappe, Zidane, Ibrahimovic etc. and I have to say, nobody has denied their excellence, their career or their numbers and statistics. We all know how good they are to what they do. Ronaldinho is one of my favorites... magician with the ball. \nBut... take a moment to think beyond numbers, beyond stats... beyond the simple game. \nThe Real Ronaldo, Luis Nazario De Lima... EL FENOMENO.. wasn't a football player. He was an artist. And that's what I hope the others will understand. \nIt's not even worth it comparing him to others. Forget the comparisons!\nHe was the absolute, infinite art of football.
Cherif Mbaye
People don't realize how good this guy was pre- injury. I have watched soccer for more than 20 years now and I don't think anybody will impress more than R9 pre-injury . The guy was schooling the best defender of Serie A ( Nesta , Cannavaro, Maldini, costacurta) which was at that time the most physical tactical and best league in the world . I can say that Messi and CR7 have had better career than him but nevertheless R9 for me is the best I have watched. Without injuries he would have had gotten at least 5 ballon d ors . He even managed to win a World Cup after getting injured for two years . Just ask CR7 or Messi to do that . R9 had to get injured so football could become a fair a fair game . Without injuries he would have unstoppable
Christian G. Castillo
Even Ronaldo at 18-19 was better than Mbappe.
Danar Yudhistira
There is no current young player u-20 who come close with u-20 ronaldo phenomenon. Maybe mbappe is the closest one but still not on R9 level
Dauod Alabar
My favorate player...
Everyhting he does seems incredible... That makes him the very best of all times
I'll never forget the immense pain i felt at his comeback game with Inter, where he injured his knee for the second time... I'll never forget, also, the great joy i felt at the 2002 World Cup when he won the final against Germany and Oliver Kahn! R9 the only Ronaldo!
Don Caleb
God-Given man... If it weren't for injuries, I promise you, this would have and is the GOAT in the history of football! The Fenomeno is truly Phenomenal!
Don Juan
Ronaldo = GOAT?!\n\nLike = Agree\nComment = No
Dzenis Bilic
Ronaldo Nazario, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Henry and Van Basten are best strikers for all time.
Edgar Leonardo Show
Pero es que no lo podian parar
To show how overrated players are now in days look at r9, young messi, at this age they would take defenders like nothing
After watching alot of Pele video`s i came to the conclusion that he is the greatest, but after watching alot of R9 video`s i`ve changed my mind, R9 is the G.O.A.T and most likely an alien LOL!!!!
Eric Zhu
Messi who ? Cristiano who ?\n\nR9 is the BEST Ever !
Erik Singh Minhas
HeilRJ, you are a legend of football videos. Your work of digging and finding all these historical videos is priceless. Thank you or your work, from my heart!
Fabi Alterini
Si este Ronaldo se hubiera mantenido delgado, no teniendo ese problema de tiroides..y sin lesiones graves, uff se hubiera retirado a los 38 ponele con 1000 goles tranquilamente.
Fahad A R
The Ronaldo I respect
Fasil Favad
The best in football history ❤️
I've been telling kids these days that Teenager Ronaldo was better than full prime Cristiano and Messi.\nThey just don't know. At 19 yo he already had 100 goals as a senior and the youngest Ballon Dor ever.\nAnd this was BEFORE he headed to Barcelona and definitively being recognized world wide.\nLet that sink in.
Gale Frcic
The youngest Ballon d or winner ever!
Gokul Balakrishnan
People who compare mbappe to this beast should be punched. Hard.
Ronaldo ❤
HeilRJ Football Channel
The young genius! THE PHENOM!
I remember when we played with Ronaldo on PES, even injured he was better than others.
Johnny Bravo
Alien 👌
Imagine what he would do without those injuries.
Jose Sanchez
Brazil tierra sagrada de los grandes monstruos del fútbol
Jupp Großmann
For me still the greatest and most talented in football history. As a teenager there are more worldclass acts of Ronaldo than of most Superstars in their whole career (10 minutes of pure worldclass in this video).... unbelievable.. PSV: 54 matches, 51 goals. FC Barcelona: 49 matches, 47 goals. Show me another teenager with that stats. What Messi and CR7 do, he has also done in the age of 17, 18, 19, so don't tell me CR7 has more talent than this unbelievable striker.
Kai Ali
The best striker ever in my era if he was playing now OMG 500million at least twice as better than neymar 👊👊👊👊
Kamanguile Mamadou
Great vidéo Ronaldo is best
Kazu Rodrigues
Is better than all players!
Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254
What did he just do at 2:12? LOL!!!
Kuthan Korhan
Ronaldo = best of all time,closest to perfect..then Maradona..
One of my favs of all time. Him and van basten i love
Lucas Motta
If R9 had not had those injuries on his knees, he could have had a 5 or 6 golden ballon.\n\nAnd 15 years ago the competition was much better.
Lucio Teixeira
The gols he scored with the blue Cruzeiro Jersey R9 was only 16 years old :-) Genius.
Take away the injuries and R9 is one the greatest ever!
I'm impressed how you found the footage. Great work man, nice to see R9 when he was young
If he didn’t get injured he would’ve have been the best player of all time. The injuries really hampered his pace, dribbling, agility and he became a poacher after his injuries which is not bad but would’ve loved to see him still with all his pace and skill
Maroudona Fele
he was soo fast!
Master END
The real ronaldo
Matias Denis
The real Ronaldo.\nR9 best striker of all time.
Matteo Tavecchio
Now when he was at barca inter and Real Madrid \nThe best
It'll be another 50 years before brazil produce a player like that. neymar is small potatoes
The best ST in football history. The real Ronaldo R9 😍
The greatest ever. In his prime he was untouchable. Nothing Messi could do that R9 couldn't do in his prime
No name Given
R9 is the GOAT if u disagree let's have chat in the comments
Oladele Olawaiye
And these kids today think that Christiano Ronaldo and Messi are better than this guy. How soon we forget. He was outstanding with his club and country.
Ramon Amorim
Reza Guenino
in this video ronaldo just at 16 or 17 years old ,not 20
Rico Rico
Better than all the others players under 20 since the création of that game
Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
R9 in prime \u003e every footballer
Best player ever! the dribbling of Messi, the speed of Mbappé, the passing of Zidane, the streght of Cristiano, THE DEFINITION!... GOAT
the icon of science is Albert Einstein and the icon of sport is absolutely the original Ronaldo de lima.
Saswata Roy
Real Ronaldo
Shawn Nilsson
The REAL Ronaldo and GOAT
Incredible awareness, strength and speed. A+
Best striker ever! Great Video
Sun James
Thanks, Ronaldo Nazario is the best of all time.
The best!
Man the young kids are clueless talking up CR7, guy couldn't replicate those skills in his dreams. CR7 is the modern Gerd Muller, not as leathal but same style (finishing off chances because of an inability to create one's own).
PSV made him the best player in the world, Inter Milan made him the best player in history
Tilemachos Mantis
At 2:12 my knees and my back feel broken
Venkatesh Mandlik
Vuchina Vook
What a speed... the greatest striker
Vui Phan Ngọc
Wyścigowy Amator
The Real Ronaldo King !!
Youness Fatah
Unbelievable to think he was under 20 years of age.... Best no9 in the history of football.
Yudhir Shahi
Having watched football since 1986, the only players I admire of till now is Maradona & Ronaldo (R9),  Zidane & now Messi.These players have capability to turn the game around. I miss Maradona & Ronaldo so much specially because they couldn't play more football when they were in peak of their career. Though the world couldn't see more of Maradona & Ronaldo, but still we know they were the greatest players of all time.The successful player I would say till now ,that I know of, is Zinedine Zidane. Apart from his aggressiveness, he was a master playmaker that I know of and even Zidane says \
abdou guevara
R.Fenomeno is the best of all time .Allow me to call him the God of Dribbling ,accuracy speed beautiful ball passing.he's beyond compare you can barely find someone weighing almost 90 kilos and run as fast as an arrow .he has owned the craziest skills ever and he was a pain the neck of the best defenders such as cafu iniesta nesta pyuol and others .he was a nightmare for every great goalkeepers
achuth p.k
Strength and great ball control with dribbling skill is the most rarest combination. R9 had all these qualities..He is an exceptional dribbler, great speed, positioning, long ranger. One of the best football players of all time. My childhood favorite favorite
anas shams shams
I adore Messi, C.Ronaldo, Van Basten, Maradona, etc., but Ronaldo has forever changed the way to attack, the role of the striker. In football there should be the \
If a player in his first 6 years can destroy everyone in all competitions. Create dribbles never seen and never repeated. \nBe known as the fastest player to dribble a ball. Score 179 goals in his first 200 pro games and be crowned worlds best as a teenager..\nWHY DO PEOPLE SAY \
Legend!! 🌟🌟🌟⚽️🌟🌟🌟
Brasil \u003c3
And this is 20 years or younger he was schooling anyone and everyone, even Messi wasn’t this good at 20 I don’t even want to talk about cr7 he wasn’t nowhere near this good at 20. Like everyone else says if those acl injuries never happened Ronaldo would go down as the best ever, dude was scoring 50 goals a season at 20 years old at Ajax and Barcelona crazy.
OMG!How credible!What a genius!The best icon in my eyes,better than CR7 and Messi
jewel barua
What a player he was...
I was born in 1982. Ronaldo R9 Fenomeno was the the first player i was dreaming of, copying his style, dreaming to do the same moves.\nThis guy completely changed the game. I'm french and i'm a huge fan of Zidane. I also admire Ronaldinho man this guy was something else but Ronaldo Fenomeno will always be the first for me for the magic he brought to this game
ricardo ortega.
G.O.A.T for me
sujeet mishra
He was a different breed altogether. He was big, strong and yet agile and extremely quick. Not to mention the wide repertoire of skills and the Brazilian flair he had. He is the best I've ever seen. Kylian Mbappe reminds me a bit of him but he still isn't at R9's level especially with respect to his finishing.It's amazing how many times Ronaldo used to dribble past goalkeepers to finish in an empty net.
vincent marandola
Γιάννης Γκόλφης
MY best player of all time: RONALDO FENOMENO\nMY favourite player of all time:\nRONALDINHO
امجد طالب
Ronaldo fantastic