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Good Episode  pookar so cute & romantic
Aasir ajm
Good one
Bahma Siva
RC Sir!!! Like your big ring. Good to see you on the screen even for 10 seconds with our favourite pair. I thought for a minute your motorbike was going to break down. Hahaha.\n\nWell, Kathir must have heard what I said yesterday..for he repeated my lines..except they were in Tamil. LOL. As Sudha was weeping I thought to myself, even though Karuppu died a painful death, the pain it caused his loved ones was much more. Maybe she was hysterical in her grief, but Sudha shouldnt have been this shocked that her husband was killed. Navya stood out though. Really an impressive performance as a grieving daughter and an upset niece. I thought the way she gravitated towards Gautham for comfort was natural. I am watching this character with interest. Hope VR team will give her a prominent role.\n\nI had to laugh at Bhoomi's expression when Thai Kulame swept into the house, overly eagsr and energetic. God, that woman makes me feel tired just by looking at her. And Pimple. What a disappointment she has become. I had such hopes for her.\n\nWonder what trouble is in store for KarPoo, Really enjoyed their repartee in the car. Funny and witty. They really have a chemistry going on. Please, I hope no more trouble for them. Let Poongodi have her 6 kids.\n\nCant wait to find out what is in Gautham's diary.\n\nP/S Did anyone see ONR hugging Prithivee at the awards? Awwww
Visiting the daughter everyday at her in-laws place, it is such a shameless act. No decent mother would do that. Such a cheap family. If they had a son and his wife's mom came to their house like this I am sure Alamelu would have chased her out. Vani needs to be firm and tell them not to visit Dimple frequently. \n\nRani family na Dimple-ku aagadhu ok, Thaatha enna pannaru ? Avaraiyavadhu ozhunga gavanikalame ? Is there only one room in their house ? Till Gautham's room was ready Bhoomi or Vaani could have made Thaatha rest in Surya's room or their room upstairs. Making him wait till they tidied a room was silly. And the amount of dust in Gautham's room ROFL I don't think even Chandramukhi's chamber had so much !!! One room in their house is left to accumulate dirt and dust just because the person staying there left. Veliya mattum shine aaga vendiyadhu ullare cleanliness, hygiene onnume illai. Gross !
Dewie K
Director sir is doing well but he is bringing in many villains. There must be some better way to settle this.
Fana Mohamed
Director we want you to do something for Anaconda, Dimple, and that belly dancer dimple's mother... cant stand them...
Fatimah Timah
vani mem do the best for gautham
There is a flaw here- poo says being only girl was bugging but there was a brother for her what happened to that character??
Hannah Blessed
Dimple's mom looks like nadamadum jewelry't she get robbed with all that jewels? hope vani will realize now gowtham/ pooja are better than surya/ dimple.. It seems like someone's diary she is about to read..that was rude of dimple to ignore thatha and welcome her mother..that was cute the way bhoomi said about dimple's mom..he must be annoyed by the frequent visit of punnaku kumbal why didn't the stalker call dimple yet? I got nervous when karthi's car broke down and the gangs on the way..yikes!
Indira R
It was so selfish of Sudha to speak to Poojah like that. We all know she is in grief. But so is Poojah and those were big words (periya vaarthai) to say to her daughter.  \
Jeya Kumar
Karthik Poongodi so cute n romantic...Aiyo nervous ready when saw the gang...pls let Kar n Poo live happily...
John micancy
andha pimple nasiki kollungappa .. these 3 monkeys are spoiling ma entertainment\ni felt like smashing my 62\
Good episode, Dull makeip for Poongodi. First scene good.\nK. Shankar Rao\nVijayawada\n9533411999
Kavitha Selvaraj
Dimple and her mother look like karaghatakari. Dimple is typical karaghatakari...her heavy makeup and dress look like clown....her face makeup is like cake.....pooja is natural and decent dressing....
Ks Murugan
Lakshmi G
Love how Bhoomi hates that Pimple's mother. And so funny how Poongodi wants six kids.
M Priya
kadavule....plz poongodi face a close up la kamikadhingaaaaaa.......
Mathew dcruz
Vaani rani is a wonderfull drama radika is a su su su supper what a faise expertion love you if you coming london please let me know
May Spring
Poongodi is so bad hahahah 6 kids, 10 year project. i guess its normal when you get a good husband like Karthi! \
Narmatha K
Gud episode.....
Prakash Vasudevan
This bloody punnaku kumbal i hate to the core. Specially pumple's mom disgusting when i saw her things to slap her.
Salam Sam
குடிக்கறது தண்ணிரு, கொப்ளிகர்து  பண்ணீரு. பாக்கறது  தமிழ் நாடகம்  ஆனா  விமர்சணம்  மட்டும்  ஆங்கிலதல்யா? அப்புறம்  எப்படி  டி  தமிழ்  வளரும்? தமிழ்ல  விமர்சனம்  பண்ணுங்கடி  மூதேவிங்களா !
Salini Gowry
I simply love Pooja's character and not a big fan of Dimple in VR unlike her role in Thamarai. Pooja and Gautham seem to be the best couple in VR so far and their acting is so natural....
Saroja Sankaran
Karthi and poo scenes R disgusting
Sridevi Ram
Oh my god the bad guys r back to bully kar and poo s gonna threaten them like she last time to save kar....hate dimpulu she's a murderess and an irresponsible daughter in law kinda felt that this was an episode with hidden twists ....what was that book that vani chances upon at the end of the episode.... Gautham secret diary probably? Let's wait .......
Srinivasan Thyagarajan
Suriya Gayathri
Nice episode. Poongudi's 10 year project was cool. Timpele's mother is a mobile jewellery shop. \nGood work by Mr. Ramachandran. 
Tamil Mallu Maniac
over exited and hormonal changes. better romantic movies and dramas available. y u wanna make a bgrade out of a so called pair. 6 kids . ha ha. whatever you say still many hate these two lunatics.
Dimple's mom is so annoying.
Usha Meister
THis is a TBC ( to be continued) episode. Expected scenes and dialogues esp those mouthed by pushpa ( my thali at the cost f ur thali to her own daughter and kathir's response).. Have seen too many drams so script is obvious.\nBest acting n todays episode was Pooja. She can emote and looks very sweet. Touching scene btwn her and Gautham\nVani's saree beautiful. When she removes the bedsheet at 7.56 did anyone notice the amount of dust that came out. If i don't do my bed for 2 yrs it still doesnt accumulate 1/100th dust gautham's had. Not realistic. And Bani so rich has no maid. what happened to all the help? Pls show some realism to the serial in keeping with the story and the richness level. Timple is not and shd not be the source of help in that house. with that big a house i cant believe NO HIRED HELP \nAlso, the 3 devils and cohorts in discussion when thatha has gone or pretending to go to sleep.  Seems so unreal.\nKartik and Poo in car chatting non stop where he has to take his eyes off the car not safe. Something s gng to happen for sure\nNot much stry content except tht it was better filler than other fillers.
casavilla hotel kl
still this poo and karti nvr die,
prabhu .r
Whats that dairy?? I m very very curious about it..!! Its gautham's past i guess, and that the promo also says..!! Anyway lets wait and watch..!! \nKeep going VR..!!
priya deva
Pooja loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu. Gautham pooja gargeous love u both
shiny sweet
Happy Birthday Vicky(Gautam)...\nAnd Thanks to punaku mam for coming home at the right time oly because of that vani came to find some of the property of Gautam may be his diary and link that came in promo..\nHope vani will understand Gautam and accept pooja soon....and throw out anaconda 
suhasini g
very sentiment pooja
Dimple's family is very cheap.
well wisher
neelima ur sarees awesomes and your acting is good ur really pretty too