IGUAZU WATERFALLS! TRAVEL VLOG Brazil Argentina (Iguaçu Falls)

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I went to the Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil & Argentina in November 2015. (Yes this vlog is a year late... Oops!) This was my experience!Follow me on my travels on social media!Instagram: @chiumonsterTwitter: @chiumonsterSnapchat: @chiumonsta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My name is Nicole Chiu. I quit my job in October 2015 to pursue my dream of traveling full time! I love learning about other cultures especially through local people and food! Follow me on my adventures!

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2018 :D
Do I have to pay any fee from Brazil side to Argentina side?
Amazing World
Various sorts of interesting videos..
Amendoim DK
e Iguaçu Iguaçu porra aqui e Brasil não esses Argentinos virgem de 30 anos porra
turn on subtitle
Bruno Santanna
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
It's good to see you smilling and havng fun.
Cowboy :P
Brazilian side its amazing
Daniel Bianchi
No entiendo el Portugués👍
David Bond
Deleted Account
Hahah you look so happy 😄🤗
Diego Oliveira *CWB*
Cataratas do Iguaçu \\o/
Diógenes Santos
Enganou o bichim pra filmar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Eduardo Mesa
Hey Nicole you’re the best, great video! I’ve been trying to decide which one to do if the Argentinian side or the Brazilian side. Clearly both now! def Brazil seems to have the best panoramic views and the Argentina looks more adrenaline charged. Looks like you did both in one day? Is it really doable, what was your timeline?\n\nThanks !
Estenio Lopes
Since you`re a fan of Brazil you should really try Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul, wonderful place!
Fernando Clewater
OMG, all your videos is so amazing, thanks to do that, share to the world does'n have just bad things but also good things! Congratulations, you're a sweetie person and you're channel is the best \u003c3 Tchau Tchau do Brasil.
Fiorellino Gonzales
Qué hermoso lugar Dios primero algún día me permita ir aconocer esta belleza de lugar
Guang Life
Nice video, I'm going there tomorrow! :D
Guilherme Pontes
I'm brazilian and I have never traveled to Foz do Iguaçu and you did, I should travel more in my own country
Gustavo Delos661
Iguazu Falls: 80 % Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better. The Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) is amazing!
Gustavo Timer
Iguazu Falls are 80% in BRASIL and 20% in TANGO
Italo Doraguan
I was there in the middle of the year😁
Ivan Cândido
parece que vc amou! 😂💙
Jamie Banks
Hope I can go here someday!
John Fabian
hi, i am planning to Iguazu Fall, flying in from Rio de Janeiro. May I know where you stay while u were there visiting the Iguaza falls? Did u get the tour from the hotel u we're staying or u book earlier?
Jคcкรσn ツ
da hr
Kees Manuel
I love Foz do Iguaçu ! I have been there twice and once at Parque das Aves. Have you ever been to Jericoacoara in the Northeast?
I looked at the thumbnail of this video and all I could think about it is: Woah!!!! Real life Pocahontas?
Little Star Bis /Guerrero é ruim demais
girl, please, marry me asap. Im really in love with ya, baby.
Lysias Gomes
Hi Nicole! Love your videos! I've been there at the Falls in 2008, but there were not too much water at the time though. I had lunch at the restaurant right on the top of the Falls on Brazilian side. I felt so peaceful! Great place! Glad you share with us! Be safe!
Maleeha Ahmad
Is that the same guy as in your spicy noodle challenge vid or did you guys separate?
Marcos Vinícius Petri
I love Park das Aves. But I was a little bit sad to see all those birds inside the cages. I thought they were all going to be free, but just a few are.\n\nAnd about the falls: Whoa, I cried, I really did
Meli Grosso
Es hermoso! !!
Micaela Saucedo
omg Im from puerto iguazu
My Travel Vanz
Hi.. wow i wish i can travel all over the world so much to see!.. thanks for bringing us along!. enjoyed it!..
O Campolarguense
the brazilian side have boat too..
Orca Trip
I cant wait to visit Iguaçu falls!
nice!! We also have a video of the Iguazu Waterfalls!! let us know your opinion \u003c3
Pablo Podhorzer
1) Be tall and attractive 2) Wait for the foreign girl to do you 3) Repeat.
Paulo Sérgio Freitas
you are so much beautiful
Rafael Alves
once i went see the fos do iguaçu waterfall,when i got there the weather was warning and there wasin't so much water like the video,man i don't have luky : )
Rafael Sa Dias
I'm Brazilian and a like so much your videos.
Rafael Santos
Google - \
Renata Honorato
No butterflies on this video ! When I went to the Argentinian park, there were so many butterflies of every tipe and color !!!
Renato Almeida Silva
Sejam bem vindos e volte sempre , este meu país é aberto a todos 🇧🇷\n\nWelcome and come back, this country is open to all 🇧🇷
Rick Munin
Omg!!! even completely wet and with messy hair u still Wonderfully beautiful \u003c3
Sebastião Lucio Dos Santos
que asiática linda cara tô apaixonado
Small World
It looks a bit different when it's raining.
Stephany Liberato
Meu Brasil é lindo.
Taka Masuda
You definitely banged that tall chad 😂
Tiziu CDO
Next time you visit brazil come by January 2018, alot of people all around the world are going there for Capoeirando. Well known Capoeira Event. I'm going there with my teacher and our group from Montreal Canada. It'd be a new side of brazil you can explore
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u so sexy
beautiful vlog! :)
Xx Henrique xX
Brasil \\0/
She's so cute!
brasilian xenofobic
O Iguaçu é nosso poha, se esses boludos falarem merda nós invade aquela poha!
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the bird is homofobic because tha guy had a pink shirt kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
canal estorado
i love in brazil 😍😍😍
marlon garcia
i liked the last commentary about the sides, i just visited the brazil side maybe i go to argentina someday.
mary kollmn
The Argentinian side is way better.
The letter *C* with this little tail under: *Ç* , in brazillian portuguese is pronunced as double *S* , and it's called: Cê cedilha. :)