The Who - Eminence Front, Newcastle 09/12/14, Pete loses it with his strat.

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The Mighty Who playing a track from their 1982 It's Hard album.

Agnieszka Gryszkiewicz
Great performance
BeautySmooch 14
I just Love him !!!! Always have !!
Brayden Fletcher
Anyone else think the feedback from when he threw the guitar sound awesome?
Daniel Weston
hey pete dont like the strat....ill take a messed up american over my squier!
David Tidbury
For a while Pete looked lost after throwing guitar but being the true professional he is the show must go on
Dennis Blume
Man, I know that feeling. I've wanted to throw my out of tune, malfunctioning guitar many times. I just don't have the luxury of having a personal tech bring me a new one!
Digiphex Electronics
To hell with a non-working guitar.
Don Brogan
Five Spastics have walked through here.
Ed rock
The guy who brought him the new guitar did so in fear for his life. PT has given him a few beatings over the years.
Gene Jay
When did Al Bundy join the who?
Even Zak is looking 'older'
I'd hate to be the music journalist who has to ask him what was wrong with his guitar after this show.
Ho Lee Sheet
Great Sound for a hand held device!!! Yeah, Pete is getting old, and his voice is sounding a little worse for the wear... but FUCK, its the WHO just the same, you know? Loved it!!! Thanks for the excellent vid, mate!
Iron Mike
he channels that anger in his heavy spastic attack on the guitar so well.
Ismael Rodriguez III
Legend! Great guitar player/songwriter! Never missed a beat even after the guitar incident. Zak is such a powerhouse drummer and the rest of the band nails it. Thanks for the upload!
it's just different now and i don't expect any more than a good night of music. i know that at end,i'll still get-it
Johnny Stek
love it
Kabali 17
Cool !. We all have our off days !.
Nice one Pete! Shame he didn't properly smash it for old times sake!
Largactyl Kid
Always preferred the Telecaster on this track.
Lexie Luff
Immediately, when they give him the new guitar, the difference is there. Love how he just throws it, like \
Lorenzo Taroni
the who in concert a Bologna
Manuel Losi
nobody plays guitar like Pete! great
Matt Zink
@foxden902- I think my remarks were less about fashion and more about Pete's appearance as evidence he could be going through the motions (\
I saw the who last year and he missed some guitar strums on one song ORACLE ARENA 2013
Mike Chapman
Love the look on Zak's face when Pete tosses the guitar - 'Uh, oh...\
Mike Patton
Gotta love Pete being Pete. He's probably going to kick his coffin over before he climbs in.
Mr Schmeltz
that was hilarious
OooOoo OOooo
great guitar pete
1:25 laughed for 5 minutes straight
Richard B. Davis
Jimmy Page loves his Guitars
Rick Allen
The maple necks always play better.
Robert E. Roman, Jr.
Were YOU there...? 1982. WHO. CLASH. L.A. Coliseum. AMAZING.
Of course! \nHe's not playing his Tele..!
I'm a little surprised he had to throw it to get someone to bring him another guitar! I thought it was pretty obvious he didn't like the one he was playing! It's not like someone was offstage saying \
Scot Van Horn
saw them in Phoenix in 73. smashed Shit, as per their shows at the time
Spidy123great Me
He Smashed A Gitar And Said Not Gonna Do It Ever Again But He Did Epic Pete Townshend
Stacker 2112
When your Pete Townshend you just throw the guitar to the ground and \nMagically a 10k STRAT just shows up.
He's just as entitled now as he was in the early days.
Beautiful guitar...
William Wallace
I have a righty squire strat have had it for about 5 or 6 years Im left handed so in my early lessons i played it upside down. sadly it gave up on me when i moved last year. Pete using strats way more often is probably why his gave those weird sounds!
Xian Leung
You can't NOT see Pete in this scenario, therefore plan around things like this. It's been like this 51 years, man... That's Pete F*&#@in' Townshend. That's F'ing GOD up there, to you millennials. You'll see, later. As for this scene, he had a dead battery or it doesn't happen again.
I hate to see a guitar being abused but at the same time I can understand the frustration . . .
I had no idea he was such a good lead player. So tasty..pure Feeling
MASTERFUL..pete didn't miss a beat, and the only reaction from the crowd was a chuckle when he threw the guitar?!?! nonsense
Notice how Zak, who is always watching Pete for cues, etc., isn't even remotely fazed by the guitar toss... play on...
this must have been better on scene, because it sucks on youtube
classic kool
LOVE IT!!! .... \
only if he gets there first
I can dig the rest of it, but is he wearing sweat pants??????
No need for that, more money than sense!!
Shot on a cell phone?
This is ridiculous; can he still not afford a Floyd Rose for that thing? I never understood him switching to Strats, especially as he rarely seems to use the vibrato arm anyway. Oh except to prang it right through his own hand of course. It's all probably just to feed his sense of martyrdom and to give him something else to moan about; but then again maybe that's all part of the show... Get your SG / Les Paul / Telecaster out Mate!
jens knapper
check out Pete's free time pants!
Pete is the best songwriter, guitarist ever. But what's going on with the jogging bottoms. Nearly as bad as the boiler suit or John's skeleton outfit. Great song though.
I thought that was pretty kool how he just threw a $$$$ guitar like it was nothing just cause it wasn't performing right.
michael mccartin
The red Stratocaster has a lot more crunch anyway!!!!!!
patrick linden
Pete has always been a fantastic song writer but terrible guitar player to be honest...
Yeah, but i can see him being a (fill in the unmentionable word for a way for a woman to feel clean), too. He's a great songwriter and interpreter, bbb. If you want to do do yourself a favor: grab a copy of his and ronnie laine's 'Rough Mix' album. In the words of one of my buds: 'The Pope gave it a ten.'
I liked how he said fuck it and kept the show rolling
Amazing guitar playing in the end though. Some of the old magic at times. Thanks for sharing!
Pete is getting to be a softie in his old age, years ago he would have smashed the shit out of that strat!! lol
What is it with Newcastle that throws Strats out of tune???/ Ha Ha Ha
Weird as hell seeing PT standing at a mic singing without a guitar, even if it is only a few seconds.
the mad daddy
thats rock n roll kids!!!!!!!
At his age he an't got time for patience.  I love him!
It would have been great if Pete had smashed his guitar out of frustration!
after 40 years of senselessly   trashing guitars ...this one is well justified
william phillips
Sometimes we get a little cranky in our old age....A Good stage hand is always prepared to come to the Rescue! Gotta Love him for what he's accomplished over the years and what he's given us. He's gotta be up there in years? 60+ ?
zepbigfoot bearcove
Pete needs to go back to the les Paul delux