Thendral - Thendral Episode 1309, 09/12/14

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Genelia Vijay
I think Narmatha will ask Tamil for help btw he will say no as he promised Tulasi..lets see.....
Hannah Blessed
More of shakshi today.hope in the next episodes deepa does not see prabhar/ shakshi together.. Prabhar is not witty enough..if he wants to get back with deepa , he should stay away from shakshi..I still don't know why he had her # on the phone??should have deleted it long time ..tamil probably will be involved in narmatha/lover issue..which would put him in deep sh** will be a never- ending rivalry between tamil/gp.
Meera Raj
Vikatan pls in ur next serial pls take hema (deepa from thendral ) as the main lead she is better acting than other actresses including thulasi, not me as u can see many fans have said this, she should ave won sun kudumbam award really her acting much more moving than others, looks are also natural and better than other heroines
Navin Kumar
I know this was gonna happen.but now now tamil is going to involve in gp daughters marriage and make her married their lover..
I just knew that Sakshi being back would create problems. Now there is suspicion on Prabha. 
Dear Viewers,\nMohan spots Sakashi with Prabhakar, while GP gets another chance to enter into his political party again. Watch this episode of Thendral to know more!\nTeam Vikatan
chabi gurly
Dt GP's daughters lvr is midhun shakthi tv anchor
selvam i
thendral seriala unum konjanal yadunka