DJ AniMe - Absolute Mix #24 - Time Code | Vinyl Session

Download videos: - Stereotype - Wasteland2 - Concept Art & Thorax - Rave Until the Grave (Hardcore Edit)3 - Kasparov - People4 - Restrained - Get high5 - AniMe - Catch me if you can6 - DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco - The Apocalypse (Unity Official Anthem)7 - AniMe feat. Dave Revan - The Third Invasion (Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018 Official Anthem)8 - Noize Suppressor - Shit Down9 - System Shock - Sweet Dreams10 - Access One - Deceived11 - Ignite - The New Shit12 - AniMe - Insane Hardcore13 - Broken Minds feat. Joey Riot - Shake it up14 - ID15 - Deadly Guns - The Undertaker16 - Black Flower - Wake up17 - D-Fence - BIEM18 - Nosferatu - And Died Again19 - Angernoizer - We Survive

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good good hardcore \u003c3\u003c3 nice AniMe
Alex Dickson
Much love from Australia 🌏
Angelo Giardina
Che bella Catch Me If You Can...💣💣💣
Arnaud Gosse
AWESOME !!!! \u003c3
Attila Litkei
Amazing !!My motivacion music in my work...
I listen ur mixes when i am at a work. Luv u. 😍
Boštjan Josic
Every time you makee a mix I'm eating spaghetti tnx ;)or:)
Charles David
HC4L excellent job anime💪💪💪👌👌👌💣💣💣🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶😈😈😈
ChaseIsSosa - The Random Stuff Account
other than the great music I find watching djs spin super interesting so this was great
Chris Savage
You are only a real DJ when you can work with vinyl. Big UP Anime!
Chris Wubs
Barbara rocks as usual! :D _O_
Clément Guillaumin
What is the song 49:00 please?
DJ AlexSisi CÔZ
Je viens de guetter c'est un timecode ^^
DJ Wolve
Anime you are the true angel a death DJ 😍
Davide Tela
*Hardcore for life.*
Dawid Müller
Die Frau geht schon gut ab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Didi Didi
Slt continue comme ça tu ira loin j adore se que tu fais
U are better than me \u003c3
Dr. Boskonovitch
You're HOT And Beautiful :) Hardcore Queen :) Thank You !
Eric Morelle
plus sexy que bonne dj
Family Gaming
Bummer thought this was going to be a real vinyl session... well it is 2018 so probably should go along with the technological changes
Franz de Bernard de la Fosse
You killed it, absolutely awesome
Hand Bereik
Go Anime vinyl Power wow I fall in love ¬¬.
IIIAHMIII A Hyrule Master
Anime most beautifull dj out there ^^ And a lovely set
J.B Car Care
Ho !!!!! FuCKiiiînnng awesome playlist !!!! Anime !!! The queen of hardcore !!!!!!!!!!!! \nDream battle \n🔥🔥miss k8 VS Anime 🔥🔥???
Jakub Wajs
you are playing awsome ;p \nI would like to have your autograph and picture with you :* ;p
Jose Luis Hernandez Castro
Saludos de México....!!!\nTe Amo AniMe...
Julien Braillon
1:52 and 2:19 fallout 1 💖💖💖💖💖
Király János
ADAM A8X Studio Monitors very good!
sei grande anime!!!!!
Leroy Tamminga
Best looking female dj of them all \u003c3
Lisa parker
awesome 🙋
immer ein geiler anblick :)
Loic Beaumesnil
i like your mix the queen of paine
AniMe you are beautiful, Greetings from Colombia
Marco Cullimore
Als ik los zou mogen speakers set.
Matheus Primo
The Queen of HARDCORE, I love this woman
Matteo Gallo
Bella ragazza
Matthew Merrill
fuckin mindblowing
Miguel Duarte
Y're for me one of the best Dj's of Hardcore. Keep on going!!!
Die sieht nicht nur Ultra geil aus sondern macht auch mega fette Musik. \n\nBeste Kombo
I see the skill you possess ie the bpm match ect regardless of the laptop,do you ever do just vinyl alone no laptop and pulling out the box.Id be interested with your skills.I've been following you from the beginning and not for your looks either x
Vinyl, the way to seperate the good from the bad DJ's, no space for errors. Amazing job Anime :-)
Open Eyes
Skills 👌👍
Oxider Harder
Thank YOU Barbara ❤ i love you and i support you for ever❤ see you at MOH❤
The Apocalypse \u003c3
Patrick Braakman
Thnx again for this :-) mix, was it harder to mix with vinyl ?
Paul Brower
I’m NYC hardcore since 1992 & you are the most old school hardcore DJ there is...this vinyl set proves it.You remind me of Lenny Dee and he was a legend - much love and respect!
Peter de Jong
Anime your performance was fenomenaal good.\nThanks for everthing
Phil Williams
Bass bass bass bass
Philip Shinigami
Well, if I'd find a girl who looks so sexy, loves hardcore and maybe even produces own tracks, well, I'd never let her go again 😂😂 wonderful set, can't stop listening it, played it for the 5th time since release now 😂😂 keep up your good work queen of the bass
Can't wait for your new album this year :)
''You just smoked out to get on your song!'' Great vinyl session!
Time coded vinyls? Nice, I've always thought those we're a cool way to mix tracks.
Robi Čerpnjak
oj Ani nice mixing how many track are on this vinlys becouse this are not classic 1 with 3-4 tracks. How many on 1 please can you tell us ??'
Sandro Castillo Lopez
I like that yeahhr
Sergey Mickolaenko
It's just a rest for the soul, thank you!
Hardcore \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
GOOOOOOOD saludos desde mexico
Sotiris Kats
i really want to know number 14..i know its from walking dead and i am searching for it for months..
Sphix One
top !!
Stephan Nießen
Mega geiler Mix den Anime wieder abliefert, Gänsehaut Ohrgasmus Pur........i love it :)
Sven Derhit Live und Direkt Spezial
I LOVE YOU ... ;-)
The Horrorist
EPIC Mix👌👍💀
Thomas Cotti
ciao Barbara, waaaaw OMG suuuuper hardcore! ogni album è ancora migliore.\nsei sempre piu bello, the hottest DJ del Mondo, ti amo :)\nLa migliore donna nel business hardcore.\nSaluti dalla Svizzera.
Tom Sicrétte
this is pure drug\n\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3
Tomasz Rudnik
You are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
34:00 das ist good mavafaka....
Hey, please come to Airbeat 2019 in Germany!
bert bever
one of the best in the business
chris elliott
You should throw in the voice from radical redemptions the motherload track, have another voice before it comes on say, \
daniele cacciotti
Anima mia, w l hardcore italy
daniele sky
I do not say that it is not good, but it is all connected to a PC, where you can see the bpm and the graphics of the tracks ...\nso there is little vinyl
shes good ... greatings from the rave masterz dj team
much Love from Munich!!! keep it on!
juan prawon
Bella mujer!
katina gg
you’re a goddess 😍
kyle looijen
love it 😍❤🔊🔊
luca villa
I haven't heard it yet , but I can say that it is great !!! Best wishes from Poland
max 06
ciao sono molto belli i mix che fai hardcore che spacca,se ti va di andare nel mio canale yt faccio anchio un po di mix hardcore ciao
hc for family. not bad for sleep in mdma.
s.par. 318
шикарно !!!!!
se mei
A sexy woman AND great music. what a great mixture of both!
tommi mohbest
joa früher gab es kein notebook um das vinyl zu playern finde ich net so top aber egal sie iss hammer
victor hernandez
Princess of darkness
your set is waaaay too awesome !
Александр Я
На виниле всегда звук интереснее💣💣💣
Владислав Палько
16 - Black Flower - Wake up? remiks? name?
Игорь Литвинов
Great mix! Nice to see woman DJ playing on vynil. Greetings from Ukraine.
Эдуард Файзуллин
This is a pleasure watching you play!!!