Gustavo Santaolalla - Iguazu

Gustavo Santaolalla - Babel soundtrack Iguazu notes:As incidental music for the movie Babel and the first season of Deadwood, Gustavo Santaolalla's Iguazu evokes images, for me at least, of desolate landscapes and the hard faces of the 19th century American west. The landscapes in this video include the Painted Desert and the Badlands. The faces in order:Reverend Smith (murdered in Deadwood for preaching), a Comanche warchief, James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Wild Bill (again), Wild Bill's grave, Seth Bullock, Sitting Bull, anonymous hanged man, Calamity Jane, Jesse James, dead Jesse James, Geronimo, Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer, reunion of Custer's Crow scouts, Billy the Kid.Enjoy...

Gustavo Santaolalla babel deadwood desert guitar hbo iguazu music soundtrack west wild

Al Corrupt
If this doesn't make you feel something... I weep for you.
Andy Smith
WHY does this send a shiver down my back.......
Antonio Brandao
your comment is beautiful and heartfelt, I reply just to clarify that it is not Flamenco. Flamenco is a very specific kind of music. This kind of guitar is his own style and has roots in Latin South American guitar and harmonies, which in turn has deep distant roots in their Spanish ancestors and thus, Flamenco, but really far.
jahrein lütfen :(
Ariel Magide
esta música se escucho en dos capítulos del unitario argentino mujeres asesinas
The Comanche chief (pictured) is Quanah Parker. Nice flow and imagery for this outstanding composition.
Benjamin Cardoza
It's also in the pilot episode of '24' and in Michael Mann's film 'The Insider.' Suffice to say that Gustavo Santaolalla's work is very highly praised, especially in the film industry.
Cameron Lowes
love to see a collaboration between him and Ry Cooder
Carlos Alberto Cuenca Q.
20 dislike! Oh my God, what happened with there persons?
Mujeres asesinas
I feel highly melancholic when listening this. You stop, listen and think of all the things that happened to you. Now, and in the past. The mistakes you made, the good times. And slowly you expand to the futility of it all, how meaningless life actually is in the grand scheme of things.
Someone shot wild bill hickock...
Damien O Callaghan
BBC Euro 2008 theme tune brought me here\n\nBEST IN THE WORLD
Daniel Corredor
It is not flamenco guitar is a Roncoco from the Andes in South America and part of Andean music nothing to do with North America or Europe
Dave Cobretti
For me it resembles a new start, or beginning a journey. Scarred but always pushing forward as the song progresses.
was also in the movie The Insider
ElPayasete Etesayap
Absolutely masterpiece! \u003c3
Eric Williamson
What a brilliant song. Hypnotic, dark, brooding - makes me think of a phantom cowboy!
Felix Ayodele
Great Visuals to Accompany The Story !!!
Finnish Car Guys
Basically 3 notes - properly played: pure magic.
First Whe Kill All The Bankers
FINALLY FOUND IT..............
François G.
Soundtrack of Babel and ... another movie but I can't remember. Help me please ! \n
Gus Sant
Michael Mann's \
Blue Sun Mod
read dead redemption 2.. lets go..
Istvan Toth
this piece was just stunning in the ending scenes of BABEL.
Ivan Sajic
It's great, but I bet it's inspired by Dead Can Dance - Musica Eternal.
Jake Maringoni
Probably my favorite piece of music ever
I play Chess with this Song
Johan Savelkoul
Heard this in the performance Romeo and Juliet in the Circus @ Sziget 2017. What a masterpiece!
Jota Ilusionista
No se pierdan este video: Santaolalla sorprendido con acto de magia Santaolalla queda con la boca abierta con JOTA en Pura Química
Just Nadaaa
Reminds me of Dexter:)\n
D'Angelo Ailesi o7
You can hear this soundtrack in \
Lesley Wise
Collage of Images.
Linda Nolan
I love all of his theme music - Deadwood, 21 Grams, Motorcycle Diaries, Babel, etc.
Marceau padrino
Matt D
awesome simple.
Michael Koullas
the insider :)....michael mann at his finest form :)
Mike Kohary
25 people have black hearts and no soul. This piece is masterful.
Nothing but noise as taught today to music composition major professors. I'm surprised this didn't have some hammer on railroad track sound. Guess he missed that class.
Mr. P
the insider\n
Mudder Fukker
Amazing how many great movies and shows have used this piece, and how much it can evoke with that simple 3 note melody from the section that's always used.
Nikolaos Souroufis
I've listened this one on James Bond Quantumo of Solace too and one episode of the tv show 24.
it is not a flamenco guitar
This was in the masterpiece called INSIDER
Beautiful tune, although Iguazu in Argentina is the complete opposite of the images in this video! Lush jungle with waterfalls that make Iguazu Falls one of the Wonders of the World.....
Remi P
I think it's the same instrument used in the soundtrack of The last of us
Riga T.
If a Cormac McCarthy book had to have a theme, this would be it.
Jahreinden gelenler?
Ron Burr
It's also used in the 1st episode of the 1st season of 24. Talk about your polar opposite shows. Sign of a great piece of music that it works so well for both.
Savonnerie York
It shouldn't be weird. It's a sad sounding tune.\nIt opens up with a mysterious feel, with a mostly neutral and simple chord progression, but the texture of which makes it feel mysterious.\nThen it shifts into a somewhat sad progression. It's not immensely sad, but the textures and styles of playing definitely enhance that.\n\nI used to have a better grasp on my musical terminology, but if you study musical composition, even as an amateur, it would make more sense to you.
Sergio Cornejo González
Manchester United 1 - Liverpool 4
Sim Salabim
perfect ;)
Sirhc Namtih
10η εντολή
Soda Eterno
this is for collateral of michael mann director movie
Stoned Gamer J
its a charango, more specifically a ronroco\n
I came here from a video about the Twilight Zone movie deaths. This song is rather chilling to me now.
The One Freeman
Shits going down in Deadwood.
The Real Chapdala
IMO, the entire third minute of this song is the best part.
Damn straight! When I was playing TLOU, the first thing thar came to mind was Insider.
Tim Kimrey
Play the song over the video of Iguazu falls\n\nI find it peaceful more than sorrowful.
Urubus Dog
J'ai écouté ce titre devant les chutes d'Iguazu pendant des heures en boucle lors d'un voyage en Argentine. L'émotion ressentie devant la beauté brute et sauvage du site couplée à ce morceau m'a amené vers des rivages enchantés. :)
Yuri muckraker
fuck babel and deadwood, insider was where I heard this powerful piece of music. fuck it lets go to court.
bilal rauf
I heard this music in THE INSIDER ( Al pacino & Russel Crowe) when doc wigand decides to give his testimony in court - the movie was released in - 1999
No guitar flamenco,a greeting
bryan sans
songs still gives me chills
christina anastasia skroutz
its frm the movie babel
The charango sounds very good
derp teetley
the theme of a beautiful haunting
diego virgilio
make me cry.... :(
I knew the music in The Last of Us sounded familiar. Reminded me of Babel so much.
Apart from the scenes this was used in, I always thought it sounds like a scene where a young guy, with the promisse of a long and happy life is forced to do something or go somewhere with the strong hope that everything will be alright. But that song in the background already tells that there will be no hope, no happy end, but also to not look back, to not have fear but to go and face the inescapable.
What instrument is this? I have a guitar, acoustic steel, acoustic nylon, acoustic 12 string, bass, and banjo and I don't think it is any of those..
I'll never forget the Insider.
24h serie episode1 Mason phone and Jack shoot him with a gun anesthetic
holy song
ilias daywalker
δωσε πονο ρ Santaolalla!!!
jules dadog
8 tracks brought me here\n
Love the music, cool pics!
lb lb
life view
2019 , ?
marian cer
Este tema lo ponían mucho en Mujeres asesinas...
no wonder, it is full of minor key harmonies...
This song was also used in \
teddy medolli
Michael Mann's movie 'The insider' brought me here.
your comment makes sense its more like a sad prayer it stirs emotions-haunting- santanas let us go into the house of the lord is just as brilliant but is far more moving and full of joy
Евгений Шапринский
Космос. Шикарно. Прекрасная музыка.