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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Chinat... Clarke Quay Sentosa Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore Gardens By The Bay Singapore Zoo (Mandai Zoo) cvg singapore

Adithya Narayanan
This is an amazing way to depict Singapore. Nice work Expedia. Singapore is one of the best cities in the world with no doubt. Just a brilliant city.
Alican Chains
love your videos..thank you
Anastasia Kisel
Love Singapore 💜
Anh Quan Chu
Amazing vid! Love Singapore! Could you make a video about Vietnamese city Hanoi?
I was there last July :-D\n\nIt does seem like, however, only 2 3 days there weren't enough to see all these. \n\nGreat videos, mate :-D Very vivid.
Ash Almond
Singapore has become a tiger of Asia due to the great vision of its founding father, Mr. Lee
Asif Khan
so beautiful city
Just back from Singapore and it is easily one of my favourite cities. It's easy to get around, has a wonderful vibe and is lively and colourful. A great place.
Watching this as a Singaporean makes me so proud of our country and how much we have achieved from a small fishing village ❤️
Cesar Velez
You got some nice videos man\n
AWESOME FOOD I want chilli crab and tutu kueh now! :D
Dakuri Krishna
i very much thank you expedia
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*A very rich place in variety and culture*
Darlan Dias
Singapore is wonderful, is one of the Asian Tigers , and their beauty proves what a good government and Asian brains can do !!!\nI would love to visit someday ! 🙈
Dika Golovatchoff
Very well done video.  I'm headed to Singapore in October, and this was short and helpful to share with friends.
Eddie Zhu
The CRAZY RICH ASIANS brings me here
Elizabeth Moriarty
I'm going there next month
Emily Cdj
Try all these food in Singapore \nChicken rice,chili crab,satay,sugarcane drink,durian(not everyone will like it),rojak,laksa,bak ku tei.For the best experience,go to hawker centers to try these food:)
Evil Pagan
I loved Singapore. Great place to visit. \u003c3
Felix Peter
doesn't this just look so so good? we must go ! +Ashmi Thomas
Giro Carioca Tour
I love Singapore!
Basically three countries in one + a unique Singapore city.
Hong Thomas
I love this video so much !!
Irena St.
Thank for beautiful video,very nice it is great
Isai Perez
quiero ir a singapore :c
Izzul Aminin
i love singapore and i live in singapore but the weather is burning during January to June
Jacques Le Roux
Absolutely magical video! Was unsure if I wanted to go to Singapore en route to Hong Kong. This totally won me over!
Jai Shree Radhe Krishna
Jexter Lakandula
i love this video of expedia.
John Doetkott
I can't wait to go there in april.I am from minnesota and never left the country yet.I am 51 years old!It looks like paradise!
Jonathan Hobson
Can't wait to visit again next year!
Joseph Penn
I would like to visit Singapore during the F1 race is it a good idea?
Kevin Lin
Love this vid! Can you please make a Beijing one, please?
Knoxville TV
Love Singapore 🇸🇬
Louis Thornton
Okay, I am sold!  I am planning a trip there soon.  With planning I can make it a business trip.
Lý Đào
The view of the city is so amazing! there are many skyscrapers there. Just beautiful!!
Mahammad Mustaffa
I love this all videos very beautiful
Maks 5c23
5:12 This \
Mangesh Kanade
wonderful...can't wait to visit
Maureen O’Connell
Great work! Really cool.
Max Lkc
I am a singaporean and im proud of this.\n\nspeaking as a tourist, not a local, I really like this island
Murat Capat
Actually I' m in love with Singapore ❤️
Navaneeth Ragesh
what is the structure in 2:17?
Ngaatendwe Chikobvu
Best place I have been to!!!!
I'd move there anytime (Y) (Y) Beautiful
Philip Hobson
One of my favorite places in the world....I have 3 nights there in Oct 17. Love the riverside restaurants at Boat Quay and the bustling nightlife @ Clarke Quay. Will definately do an evening in Gardens by the Bay this time, and put on about a stone in weight haha.
Prince Singh
i love singapore
Progga RH
Definitely one of the Best Attractive n Clean city in the world. .. small but nothing less than cities of Europe n North America. .. many things to explore n have a glimpse of a gorgeous sweet city :) definitely wanna go again in Singapore
Rachy Corkill
Singapore's near the top of my travel bucket list. It looks nice to me.
Raiyan Islam
Thanks to Expedia for their every video
Rasyid Shah
Greetings from Malaysia, Singapore looks really nice and clean country :)
Richa Pathak
Richard Sng
You should all go it is amazing I live there
Sang Huynh
oh my god... singapore so beautiful, i just blowed my mind when i was watching, now my dream is travelling to singapore.
ShoGo Racing
To those who haven't visited... do know that Singapore is AMAZING! I've been several times, and this video simply reminds me as to why I want to go back. \nThanks for the awesome video, Expedia! :)
Simin Wang
I'm a Singaporean, but this video and the research behind pretty much encapsulates what Singapore is about! Only thing missing would probably be our HDB flats and neighbourhoods, and the coffeeshops and markets many locals hang out at too!
Sonam Wangchuk
Simply beautiful !!!
Sophie Lee
take me here. TAKE ME HERE
Spice Girls Net
Singapore is one of the best places in the world. I went there in 2012 and it's beautiful. The people are friendly, the city is compact, clean, everything is efficient and I learnt a lot there. I cannot wait to go back. One day.... :)
Susso Susso
Wow just beautiful\n
TY track
beautiful country
Just went there a moth ago and this is making me really sad that I'm not there now and I'm back in New Zealand where I live. I love Singapore
The Grand Priest
Singapore is absolutely stunning. I had my exchange programme in Singapore.
Great videos, I love Asia and I hope that more videos from this part of the world are to come :) You are doing an awesome job, Expedia !!!!
My future home
Tj Landry
I wish I could afford such a trip! Touring just for the architecture alone it would be worth the visit
Totally Awesome!
awesome thanks for the info! :)
TramAnh Hoang
I'm going to be there next week, so excited :D
Văn Nguyễn Công
I love this video. Thanks Expedia
Waris Khan
Great place to visit
Love Singapore has become an amazing city!
Your Mom's Boyfriend
My little red dot city!
aditya surve
Singapore is one of my fav destination. I have been there last month and its just fastastic so much fascinating and people are so kind. It was a memorable trip
amaan sadri
I have gone to singapore for a vacation and hands down it is the best place I have ever visited!
ashish odedra
this video and the research behind pretty much encapsulates what Singapore is about! Only thing missing would probably be our HDB flats and neighbourhoods, and the coffeeshops and markets many locals hang out at too!
I want to live in Singapore!
Looking at this video reminds me of when I went to Singapore last year. The long almost 18 hour flight from SFO was so worth it. I had high expectations for this country and it exceeded all of it and them some! Can't wait to go back.
chicks with ideas
OMG I wanna live there 😍 how is the weather like?
feri ardiansyah
Visit Indonesia
If anyone has specific questions of visiting Singapore that can't really be found online, I'm more than happy to help as a Singaporean! :)
husky stalker
I like it.I even went here!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
jagtar Singh
I'm going there next month
jatmika rahma
i used this for my class, i try to introduce another country to my students, and this is working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tanks so much ..... i love it, and my student too.
krisleth javier
Great video! I've been to Singapore last August and will be back in October! From your video, there's still much to explore like the Bukit Tima park, Fort Siloso and Pulau Ubin. Looking forward for another adventure, thanks for the travel tips, Expedia!!!
little alien
ohh i want to go there! But it is far away from here in Germany and the flight is so expensive :/ But I want to to do everything to make my Dreams real :D
live my life
i love singapore, i wish i could come here once without money :v lol
nhu y nguyen
i want to go to Singapore right now
nitesh atkale
so sooooooooooo butifule video many countries
potaetos i love potaetos
I'm a Singaporean after watching this video u feel like a foreigner instead :p
Can you tell me where the spot at 2:18 is?
saudy Davies
so beautiful.
the phoenix 315
Cool city been there
thịnh nguyễn
great video.!!i love Singapore.
varzesh taghzie
it look really nice , thanks for the video
Where is the water park at 3:32?
Đinh Văn Đạt
Woa.....i love singapore
真好 新加坡沒有國民黨
I love Seoul Korea and all around World.
I'm living in here.