Perfect Height Weight For Men And Woman Body

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Aadam Safiullah
i am 14 and my hieght is 5\
Aafi creation
O.M.G I'm perfect 5'2\
Abdul Sheikh
Alisha najlin
I'm 5'6\
Ammu Roja
Hi I am girl my height is 5.4but weight is 70
Android S
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Anha Lota
I'm 5'2\
BLACKPINK IS BEST U have to watch them
5'6 and my weight is 48kg
I'm 5'2 and my weight is 57kg😭 but my bmi says my weight is normal though 🤔
BLoW yOuR MiNd
Iam 6'5 weight 90
Bhoomika B
I'm 5'7 and 46kg. I don't think that's okay 😓
Well im around 95kg and almost 6' so im a little over average so im healthy,
Clashing Zihan Gaming
Bhai game or tech mai ya kya upload kya hai
im 5.8 and 72 kg lol
5'2 47kg
Dr.Gayathri devi
Yey I'm perfectly alright with my weight 😀😀😀😀
I'm female 5'4 and I have very dense and heavy bones so I'm alr 65kg. People think I'm fat when I'm really not!
Faris Talal
I'm 5'2 and weight is 54....Is it OK?
Hanny Singh
I love it
Imaginary world of a dreamer
I am 5.4\
Joel k James
What after 6.2
Juste Emma x
5.1 and Weight 50
Kamal Gujar
Wow nice video sir
Katherine Ward
i am girl and im 5'2 and weigh 47kg is that okay?
Khushi tkd
I'm still 5'9 and waight is 48kg only.....😅
Kiran Mahtab
5,2.weight 54
Komal Verma
I am right height 5'0 weight 50
Kpop life
I am 13 years old and my height 5.2
Lanchy ツ
Im 12 year old 5'4\
Based on this video i am officially 30 lbs overweight.....good to know\n...
Lovely Lia
5’4 and 50kg
Lubna Hashir
am a grl. ma hgt 162 nd wgt 57.. is it perfect??? plz rply me
MD Kadir
My hight 5.11 waight 61 kg
Madhu Saxena
Nice information and nice way to show
Mahammad Khan
I'm 5'11 weight 83 🙋
Manjit Kaur
my age is 34 hieght is 5'4\
Manmeet lote
I am 5\
This may be real calculations but as a Black Woman, this chart doesn't fit.
Md Afreen
Age kahape hai yaar...kaise patha lagega ki koun si age me kya correct hai
Michael Klump
I need to get down to 187 lbs to perfect? Damn that's skinny though.
Midran Kidran
I am 5.6 and Im 50kg....
Min Yoongi's Wifeu
I am 5'6 and i weigh 56kg
Mitali Negi
Mention age also
Mona AM
I'm female and I'm 26 year I m 5'6 and I'm 55 kg is that good
Mudane Sooyaal
But you suppose to use complete metric system, I mean (cm) for height as long as you used kg for weight otherwise you make confusion.
Naazish Baig
Damn i should b 57 kg n im still stuck on 64
Nitu Ram
iam a girl my hight is 5'9
Noor Ul Huda
PSK Kale
I am 5'5\nWight-73 kg
Prashant Pratap Singh
I am 14 years old boy,I am 5'8\
Push Pa
Thank u........for this
Rahul Gurav
My hight is 6.1 my weight 74 is god ya not god
Ramsha Ramsha
I'm 5'7 and weight 56 kg...
Rani Singh
i m 5 7 nd wt is 65
Rash Roks
Am 5.1 and waight 59 🙁
Real Steel
I'm 6'10
Rey Doronila
Im 5'6 of height amd 82 weight
5'7” and 121 Pounds
Roshan_ Ali_786
Age= 13\nHeight= 5'7\nWeight= 48
SAD the jade 1
I am 17 years old, 5'5 and 54kg
Sahil Khan
I m perfect higth 5.6 and waight 73😊😉
Sakshi Rathore
My height is 5.7 and weight 49 I can increase it?
Sangeeta Pandey
My weight is 39 kg but my height is 5'6\
Sebaa bano
I am 5'5 & wt 52 my ht and wt are perfectly
Seema Rani
Hey I am a girl and my height is 5'2 and my weight is 44
Shrabani Biswas
I am 5.6and my weight is 45kg...I love my weight
ShårârtÏi Gûrîyå
I'm over waited 😱😱
Solia Jeong
Thats so wrong
Sonam Gupte
I am 4.11 and my weight is 40 kg...
Souhardya Dutta
i am 5feet11 and 69kg
Sven Hasler
im 6‘3 ... 😂😂😂
Syed Shafiq
I am 5.7 and my weight is 70
Tech apk
Normaly perfect height kitni hoti hai
Technical bros
I am 45 kg with 5 height i am perfect
Thi Tran
I'm 5 ft 44kg I feel fat
iam 5.7 male and 55kg is that bad🤔😕😔 plz let me know 😣?
Tua Järvi
I am 5’8 and weigh 57kg
Uttam Yadav
6.5 may age 20 bajan 65
what about me i am 6'5\
Verfii Gaming
I'm 5'11' and 85 kg is it ok
I am 5 4' ,and I am 67 it good???
ankit meena
Height 5.10 and weight 76.6 \n😋😋😋
anonymous 12345
I hv ideal weight as shown here
bankers goli
5.4 .....47kg ......
cutie pie gg
I am 5'6 and my weight is 64
didi Mathew
Am 4'8 short
engg Grewal
5.10 w 82
fluffyknight Player
Not in pounds. Useless for me.
henok tetekle
Am I in perfect 179 height with 74kg.
kashmeera gunja
Hey !!! I'm still 5'2 and my weight 40 😫
leishio h
im 5.5 weight 55,traingle shape body ,age 18,can i start now?
neelam tiwari
i am 5'3 and my weight is 55/
Im 5.5 and 55 kg💪💪.... All about *5*🤣🤣😂
perry anne hirose
I’m 4,8 and 43 kgs is it ok,?
uma maheswari
My height 4'9 me weight 45
zejd Tairi
But im 6'4😂
Кира Мишель
My friend is 6'4 and 91kg of muscle. This wouldn't be so funny if I wasn't 5'3 and 45kg. 😂 I'm basically half his size.
Im 5'7 woman and 51kg