Ep 166: Dalmore 12 Year Scotch Review and Tasting with Port Charlotte/Monkey Shoulder Comparison

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Today we do a review and tasting of Dalmore 12 Year single malt Scotch whisky and compare it to Monkey Shoulder and Port Charlotte Heavily Peated.Check out the Instagram account @whiskey_marketing_school** Can I donate a whisk(e)y for you to review in The Whisk(e)y Vault?Of course! If you’re interested in making a tax deductible donation towards our whiskey selection, head on over to:

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Adam Wong
LOL that joke delivery was so badgood. Daniels face already laughing before he gets it out. Great review guys keep them coming.
Alex Le
ccannot find this bottle for anywhere near 40-50
Andrew Cuff
The Dalmore 12 just doesn't float my boat. It's ok. I find there are a lot better sherry finished or fully matured sherry drops out there for a similar price (In Australia anyway).\nWhat would it taste like without the colouring? I wish they wouldn't use it but if a whisky tastes good I'll still buy it. Let's face it, the only reason they add it is so that when people see it on the shelf they go ....wow, look at that rich colour...it must taste good...I'll buy it.\nThe SWA are so fussy about things like adding extra staves to a cask etc and yet they allow colouring. They should just ban it like bourbon does....rant over.
Anthony Mejia
I love the videos and watch every night. Question: any suggestions for cigar videos, someone like you guys... not boring.
Austen Tallman
Hey I just got a bottle of great kings street Glasgow blend (my first compass box whisky). I hope it's on the list soon!
Instead of wetting the glass and throwing it on the floor you should start a Blendagedon ][.
May I suggest a video on Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend.  I find it to be an amazing blended scotch and a fantastic value.
Brad Whittington
Dalmore 12 - the Barry White of scotch
Bryan Lushbough
Monkey Shoulder just released Smokey Monkey, a whiskey exclusively for bars...how does that work? Do I have to ask a bar owner friend get me a bottle?
Chance Moser
As a born and raised Texan, I'm slightly disappointed that y'all haven't done a 'Best Texas whiskeys' list. You can start with 1835 😎
Christian Daldy
Another great humour filled episode - laughs galore.
Chuck Dawkins
Y'all should do Palmetto whiskey.
D Oliver
Richard Patterson will be here in Houston doing Dalmore tasting on Friday. Y'all should come out. Ill buy both of you a drink!
Dan Colgan TCS
I keep trying but it all tastes like burn!
Daniel Ovard
im not sure what i stumbled on here because it was an actual whiskey review and those don't happen on this channel
Danny Porsche
*Where is that $40-$50??? In LA is anywhere between $60 and $90 at any store you go*
David Forman
if you organise some speyside distillery shoots i'd drive you around the area any time, gratis. take a couple days to do properly. you would need someone else to do the islay area if you make it over tho
Dennis Kraak
Hey guys..what about an AnCnoc Cutter review? I think it's a great whisky but reviews of it are slim to none
Dinkelstein Kerman
The way you describe Dalmore 12 it seems it would be perfect for me... I'm really hoping it is, i hate buying a 50$ bottle you didn't like.
Duncan Gasiewicz
That Port Charlotte is quickly becoming one of my favorite whiskys.
Ernest Bajic
Hi guys I've been watching your videos for little while I i learned so much i like scotch whiskey tomatin a lot can you do some reviewing on it i like you see what you guys thinking about it
Farrell Kersey
For the frugal lads and lasses among us, are there any inexpensive blended scotches that contain Dalmore?
As I sip my second sheep dip, I've decided it's my new favorite. Cuz... I'm out of 4 roses. \nLove the one you're with.\nWho the hell is Coldplay?
Frankie Cerniglia
Daniel and Rex, Dalmore 12 is the first scotch I ever tried and enjoyed. My Dad is a Speyside lover. My brother loves the Islay whiskies. The peatiest whisky I can do is Highland Park. I love Dalmore 12. It is probably my favorite scotch of them all. I do like Macallan, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich
Garlic Yum
Please do dalmore vintage 10
Gursewak Singh
please review BUNNAHABHAIN 12.
Octomore 06.1 if still available is $160 in Taylor, MI
Sometimes I listen to these videos (and put the screen face down; disclaimer) to pass the time in traffic. The first couple minutes of this one sounds like a series of inuendos.\n\nPS: Please podcast the audio so I can turn off my phone screen.
James S.
The Dalmore 12 Year is hands down my favorite Scotch... Followed by Highland Park 18 Year.
Jarrod Frost
I decided this weekend to expand my collection by another two bottles and picked up a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated. I tried the PC last night and the Monkey Shoulder today and have to say, in my limited whisky knowledge, that both of these are damn fine. I don't have much to compare either to, only having one other whisky of the two regions, Speyburn 10 for the Speyside and Laphroaig 10 for Islay. The Port Charlotte is definitely less aggressive than the Laphroaig and will probably be what I use to introduce my friend into smoky whisky when they're ready, but I going to have to do a side by side of the Speyburn and Monkey Shoulder tomorrow to see which one I prefer.
Jimmy Leg
I tried to let you off the hook on the Dalmore thing. I can’t. After watching the video again I have to say the following:\n\nYou are both dead wrong. \n\nDalmore is trying to be fancy. Not us. WE WANT NOT FANCY. We want the whisky the way it comes out of the barrel. Cask strength, unchillfiltered, no colour. Not fancy. Not dumbed down. If it needs water I’ll add it until it’s where I like it. Easy.\n\nI completely respect your and everyone else’s love of the whisky and I know most don’t agree, but there it is. Rant over. You’ll hear no more from me on this topic.\n\nStill love ya, still subscribed. Keep the hilarity coming.
Joe burg
One more thing guys just hear me out try taking a sip of cold to cool water right be bore a sip of Whiskey I find that it opens up the flavors a bit. Maybe Daniel can explain it better but I think it's amazing.
Jon Stothfang
To follow up on the Clearance Discounted Compass Box from the Pennsylvania State Stores: \nI am way into the Oak Cross, and went back and bought two more bottles. The Orangerie and Peat Monster I can see the appeal of, but I'm mostly treating them like an occasional novelty for now. \nThanks again for the recommendation, and as I slowly learn more about Scotch, I discover there's so much more than just the overwhelming burnt bandage punch to the face that I got with my first Scotch ever (Talisker... I told my friend to \
your videos are entertaining as usual but i was wondering if your can or are willing to do a top 5 or 10 choice for blended or single malt whiskeys from a certain region. not saying you should do one soon but maybe for a special event like obtaining 10K subscribers. i would like to say out of many of the whiskey reviewers on yourtube your is by far the most entertaining. thank you for all your effort on your channel, and Rex AKA \
Keith Morton-Parker
Super channel
Kenneth Van den Berghe
I wonder wether Daniel would do the throwing trick with that Macallan M too? I bet not :D \n\nI'm a recent subscriber, but hooked! Keep up the good vids guys!!!
Leonid Notik
Dad joke sir)))))
Lolo Joon
Monkeys and Dalmore are my first two whiskys in my collections.. and are so awesome.. and tried blending them and is so perfect from nose to finish..
Lord Garth
What about reviewing that scotch from the Kingsmen movie. Dalmore 62. I'm sure Rex would love another Dad Joke choice. ;)
Malt Philistine
I feel about Dalmore the way Danial feels about MaCallan. It's a decent whisky, with top shelf marketing. #MaCallanRules
Mark Luongo
Dalmore 12 is $95 and Monkey Shoulder is $65 in Vancouver Canada
The writers tears!!! please for the love of God put it where it goes. Also i just tried my first high proof bourbon neat in the henry mckenna 10 and the old granddad 114 and I loved it. Keep doing what you guys do
King Alexander III... 200$.... And here in Denmark, just a short distance across the ocean from Scotland... have to pay 250$... DAMN YOU DANISH TAXES!!!
My wife and I are expecting our first baby - a boy - in just a couple of months. I assume that smelling alcohol vapors is not good for an infant, but I don't want to wait until he's 8 years old either. What do you think, should he start his sommelier training around kindergarten?
i was just gonna be a douchebag and complain about you not even mentioning the taste notes, but then Rex came through, damn it and now i just have to enjoy your videos with nothing to complain about... because after watching almost all of your videos of course theres nothing ridiculous to complain about.. pure science
Mr Greves
Guys lighten up, you're getting so serious....
Nick DeMichele
I bought a bottle because of the cigar video
Pavel Skop
Can u please give me tip for starting cherry cask whiskies? Im really curious about those. So far Im really hooked on Laphroaig (had 10yo and Select so far and loved it!) had also talisker 10 but dont like briney really. Thanks a lot, ure awesome! Greetings from Czech Republic!
Peter Schumacher
I got a bottle of Dalmore 12, and I didn't get much smoke off of it, but I got a lot of dusty leather and cloves. I actually *braces for hate * didn't really enjoy it? I wonder if I got a bad bottle or something. Maybe I should order it at a bar and see if mine was off or something.\n\nPort Charlotte heavily peated might be my favorite whisky in the world. It has more complexity than Laphroaig or Ardbeg, but it's more drinkable than Lagavulin.
Pew Heretic
There's obviously no standard for the definition of a Dad Joke. I think the tribe has become many and varied and we're picking sides based on who we think is the best parent :) Rex is permissive and fun-loving, but Daniel is strong and authoritative. Chad's probably the best of the bunch but I just can't bring myself to think about that threesome :( \n\n(I sided with Daniel. In the end, his rule is law)
Did you guys use a different camera or video settings for this video? In comparing it with Ep 165, it's darker and has less contrast. \n\nIDK i personally enjoy the more vivid color but thats just me :)
RRafael Muniz
Which non magnificent bastard gave this video a 👎🏼.
Raymond Mota
You forgot a bit of baby sick haha
Richard Jones
Daniel, just watched bunch of Richard Paterson videos. If he is as good a blender as he is a showman, those must be some amazing blends! Would love to see the two of you do some videos together. Although I do cringe everytime he just throws out the initial fill of a glass \
I watch everyday or at least catch up on the weekend. I just got my first bottle of Dalmore 12 and I have had a couple glasses. I figured i would watch the video you guys made. Its nice to look back and see how far you have come. I remember the first video i watched and it was just Daniel sitting in a huge chair for what felt like an hour. Thank you guys for showing me the world of whiskey !!!!
Romeo Lima Bravo
I blame you guys (in a good way) for my new obsession with whiskey. I had been given a bottle of Crown Royale Reserve some years ago and had never opened it till just a few weeks ago. Then I tried a MacAllan 12, followed shortly by purchasing a bottle of Dalmore 15. Thank you for opening my mind and tastebuds to the world of whiskey, and damn you at the same time!! Keep the awesome videos coming!
Ryan .Gordon
American Barrels Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. for a request
Ryan G.
I'm here for the dad jokes \u003e.\u003c
Ryan Tarabocchia
Review Johnnie Walker blue and Gold not original… but its so readily available
Ryan Taylor
Just picked up talisker 10 and bunnahabhain 12. will you guys review bnnhnhn 12 so I can drink along with two videos? thanks gents, keep up the good \
Sam Whyte
See I don't care about the colouring really, but I would prefer they don't add stuff they don't need to, similar to chill filtering, I just don't see the point and as far as marketing goes, I feel like the preference is the same as me mostly
Scotch N Pipes
Hey what about Cosair ryemageddon
Shane Ferrell
I always get so sad that I can't afford any of these whiskeys. But at least I get to live vicariously through you guys.
Shane Stangle
I have been hearing you guys talk about Monkey Shoulder forever so I finally went and got a bottle and it is amazing. Now I know why you guys talk about it so much.
Hey guys, I've been watching for a while now since I stumbled onto your Modern Rogue videos. In a few months I went from knowing nothing about whisk(e)y to fantasizing about scotch at work. My first 3 bottles were Laphroaig 10, Dalmore 12, and Classic Laddie, and I couldn't be happier with your recommendations. My thanks to you and a few other great youtube channels (Shout out to Ralfy) for showing the wonderful and non-pretentious side of whisky!
Still It
Daniel, \nTotally worth it dude! . . . .as long as we are paying in your whisky!
T Robots
Guys I went to LCBO to buy Stranahans, then was confronted with Stranahan's Diamond Peak vs regular Stranahans. Now I have no idea what you guys think about Diamond peak so couldn't choose between them. Rex, why didn't you make Daniel pour Stranahans Diamond Peak on the Stranahans video for comparison? You've hurt my feelings Rex, I expected better from the mooch. WHY WOULD YOU BREAK MY HEART LIKE THIS REX? WHHYYYYY!!!?!?? 😭\n\nAnyway after an era of paralysis looking at the shelves, I walked home with Buffalo Trace. It was a good choice.
Taran Greenwald
Dalmore, I think, is a bit of a tragedy for me. I say that because I discovered Richard Paterson by accident very early in my whiskey journey. He's SUCH a character--such a weirdo, such a goofball, such an ass--that I don't think anything he does can live up to my expectations. My roommate and I got a bottle of Jura, and I was disappointed. I was also disappointed by the glass of 15 I managed to get hold of. I need to try it and need to try the 12, but I'm beginning to think I like the idea of RP more than his products; I don't think it was a good idea to find HIM before his much subtler and more nuanced products, since it is such a stark contrast to his personality, which was on my mind going in.
Terry Dolan
Did you see there's a smokey monkey on the way? Apparently it's going to be for bars only. They are using highland peat instead of islay peat, I thought islay was the heavy peat smoke region?
Terry Lynch
So, I'm getting together with some old friends I haven't seen in a long time. I was thinking of bringing a Dalmore 12 or Dalmore 15. Which would you recommend to introduce them to drinking single malt? I haven't tried either yet.
The GreyJedi2112
i gotsta try Dalmore 12. it's on the list
The Malted Man Cave
hahah...love your review guys. The octomore is amazing....but for whatever reasons the Dalmore 12 I had was not that good. Maybe it was a bad batch. Slainte from ohio boys.
Thomas Murphy
Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracy Simpson
Daniel, after watching several Ralfy Reviews, (which, along with modern rouge, i found because of you guys. I'm seeing a trend here) it sounds like many, if not most, whiskies add E150. Does that sound accurite? What are your thoughts?
Where to begin with this one?\n\n1. Octomore is 200 not 400. \n2. I like pop music but not E150a\n3 I am not fancy. Rex might be\n4 4th review in sounds right maybe 5th\n5. In my area the 12 is 60 vs 35 for monkey shoulder \n6 I always have a Dalmore 12 on hand it's okay\n7 Fun review as always \n8 bunna 12???
Whisky Papa
Does anyone know what's different between Bruichladdich Port Charlotte \
Wiggie 7
i've actually been following you guys for a bit even sinds before i fell in love with whisky, but i strangely haven't heard you guys about Monkey Shoulder till i specfically looked it up, coz i just bought myself a bottle after trying it at a bar, and i loved it! im glad to hear you are as anthusiastic about it as i am! i enjoyed my first sip while watching this video, and enjoyed your unpresent company.
William Wall
Great video!!!!!!
Wolf Vánagandr
the crab joke wasn't a dad joke it was a laffy Taffy wrapper joke. there's a difference
As someone from farther west in the US than you guys, I gotta correct you: panning (as in panning for gold) is not the same thing as using a sluice, which is a gate for controlling the flow of water (such as down a sluice box, which has various levels that allow the gold to fall to the bottom before the water drains). #nerdtime
brodey slagle
I know this is over a year old but you guys never tried the wild turkey from the last video again someone sent you gifts you tried them but didnt have time for his idea of club soda and ice you said you would do it next video and this is next video
Is there much of a difference BTW the Scottish Barley and Islay Barley Port Charlotte? I was drinking the Islay Barley last night and got some of the notes you described but alot of different ones too. It could just be subjective but I don't have the other one to compare.
colin glen
funny! .. even the dad joke. ;)
darrell hood
Hey rex u should have got 2 whiskeys one from the previous dad joke and 1 from this video Daniel got u side tracked and u forgot about the shellfish joke
I had a strange experience with monkey shoulder recently. Now I love monkey shoulder, it's not my favourite but it's great value for money and so smooth I always have a bottle on hand. Anyway the other day I picked one up because it was on special and I didn't realise until I got home and put it on my shelf that I realised the colour was completely different, it was very dark and had a red tint to it. I was considering taking it back thinking I got one from a bad batch or something but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it up and poured myself a glass and OMG it was the BEST monkey shoulder I've ever had! It was 10 times smoother and all the normal monkey shoulder flavours were amplified by 10! It was amazing! Has anyone else experienced this? Every other bottle I've gone through has been practically identical, could this jus be an \
My favorite dad joke is still the one about the deers
Has anyone else noticed that Daniel looks like Ragnar from Vikings
Just to play the devil's advocate, Dalmore isn’t just heavily colored, it is also chilled filtered, and brought down to 40%. For many that combo represents all that can be wrong with a whisky. I think it is delicious but I understand the complaints.
So glad i found you guys, im New to whiskey like a good year in and im totaly loving it. Realy love how you guys go about the video's and would totaly be kickass the share a night drinking whiskey with both of you! After those dalmore vids and the Patterson vids i watched i realy want some dalmore to try but cant dicide between the 12 and the 15 Since they are not just the same wiskey but older. Any straight difrences between the two that can help make a desicion?