The Who - The Seeker, Newcastle 09/12/14.

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The mighty Who playing their 1970 classic at the Newcastle Arena.This clip is filmed from the side screen.

Aarón de Jesus Rosas Durazo
sorry rolling stones and the rest of old school, THE WHO still like the real rockers...!!!
Bret Bailey
Give it up to these guys!!!! 70 year old Daltrey and 69 year old Townshend still fucking cool!!! They may not have the lates and very greats Keith Moon and John Entwistle, but they manage to make it work.  They are still The Who and it will be an absolute thrill to see them in St. Louis May 7th!!
Cymbaline Floyd
The key to fifty million fables can finally be found. Google Truth Contest and read The Present.
Dan Sharp
Starkey is horrible on this song... No Keith Moon he is..
New coif for Zak as well as Pete and Rog!
Lee Gilholm
Class was there wiv me da fantastic uploads mate u got anymore
Mary Blogg
They still got it!!. 👍
Paulo Cezar
I asked Bob Dylan I asked the Beatles I asked Timothy Leary but he couldn't help me either...