The Spectacular Iguazu Falls - Mortens South America Vlog Ep. 8

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Africa has the Victoria Falls, North America has the Niagara Falls, and South America has the Iguazu Falls. On the border between Brazil and Argentina, and close to Paraguay, you find this massive collection of waterfalls. I do an attempt to capture this in time-lapse, but this is definitely not one of those natural attractions I will have for myself.Music from Musicbed.comSign up here to get unlimited access to the best music for films (affiliate link):

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Amazing video. But,India isn't dirty like you said. Its Beautiful.
Aidan Egazarian
Never thought I’d hear a Norwegian saying a different country has the best waterfalls haha
Baylor Hunstad
This was so cool, thanks for sharing Morten!
Brown Chair Photography
Another awesome episode. The waterfalls are amazing.
DJ Chill Will
Yeah dude. Loving these episodes. Who is shooting the video? You or another guy from the company?
Daniel Troger
I loved this! Especially the macro shots of the animals. Have you reached out to National Geographic yet to get yourself sponsored?
Danish Karim
Awesome work. Waiting for your next episode.
Gilad Was Here Travel
Great vlog man!\nWhat fps did you shoot the falls with? 100? or more?
Gustav Holmström
Did we just watch the first actual time lapse from your trip? 😃
Jérémie Landman
Really Amazing do you think that you could share your itinerary ? Love what you do !
Ken Sretsoc
Disgusting how filthy people can be. That village of del Este is shameful to watch
L. Letras e Traduções
You don't have enough recognition on YouTube, man! Your content is just flawless!!\nI'm from São Paulo, Brazil.\nKeep up with the great work!
Lars Kumpfert
Jeg elsker turen din. Hold det opp!
Leticia Rocca
I went to iguazu falls in 2012 and the water was green as the force was much less. The pictures I took were amazing with the green and clear water. Let me know if you want some. Have you planned to come to Uruguay? There is no much to see I know but \
Natalia Patricia
super enjoyable! love your vibe! i should take notes for my next vlog, hahaha well done!
You know what, Unsub. Sick of no films n just vlogs!
Niclas Rhein
Otávio Carvalheira
Lovely landscapes! Can wait to see the next episodes
PC oyunları
Very nice visuals. Thanks for sharing Morten, great work!
Somewhere Down The Road
Who ever gave a thumbs down just does not get the whole point of these films or the journey, which to me makes the final product so much more enjoyable. Being able to see the place where the TL's are created tells a great story. Thanks for all your work on this Morten and sharing it with us.
I can imagine how difficult it was with all those people. I prefer to be alone when it comes to Timelapse recording, so you can just relax next to your setup and enjoy the scenery ;-)
derty QWERTY
Very awesome video work here.. great content. Stay safe on your travels 👍
Morten, can only imagine the beauty that has befallen on your eyes as the glimpse you have shared have been magnificent and a great demonstration in the use of social media to share this beauty with many many people
shubham hande
india is beautiful country bro
What a beautiful sunset going over the bridge! Great vid!