Jane Levy - Is 5.2 Feet Adorable Loves Spicy Sausages - 2/2 Visits In Chron. Order [720-1080]

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She is so adorable, just like a 6 month old baby kind of adorable, but in a none creepy way...Listen, just watch the damn video! Enjoy and as always, report to me if anything is off. (not interested if it's "In you pants")I think I have now perfected the Outro. Some might disagree with the music, but I think it's more than fine for now.

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Sometimes during playing the guest off we can see how they leave, which I find very odd to witness. Here for instance she just gets up immediately, throws a super quick kiss at Craig and is about to walk off the stage. I always imagine guests hang around at least for a little bit, but she seems to really need to be somewhere else, like after a doctors appointment.
Adorable is the perfect word to describe her
Only Ferguson can make actresses say things like- I like spicy sausages!
Best acting in evil dead the most horror flick . cool actress
I hope she enjoyed Kerala and dosha, cause I'm from here.
Abhijay Paul
I love how Secretariat looks at the trees behind him 😂
Alan A F
She came to Kerala?. I did not know about that.
Anthony Peterson
4:50 Where is her hand during this whole discussion?
Hollywood is weird, her and Emma Stone are both blondes who get hired to dye their hair red
Calvin Mngatana
She has the personality of a Dead fish
I wonder who Jane was named for? British actress Jane Seymour? Or perhaps, Jane from _The Jetsons_ (to whom her own beloved husband, George, pleads \
Dana James
Her voice and speech patterns sounds remarkably like Kate Mara.
Dando Rees Price
Criag looks so sick in the second one
Danny Bowden
She looks so nervous, but so adorable and funny.
Deep dsd
Craig doesn't flirt too much here but the way he reacts and jumps from one to another topic. Damn
Diego Pisfil
Mila Kunis+Emma Stone+Margot Robbie=Jane Levy
Don Szabo
She is charming
Dr Din
She's so cute!
Drew Guy
I'm a tree too
Edward Brown
lmao. horse looks away at @2:08, b/c of what she said was very funny.
It's so cute because she is nervous and trying to be logical and Craig just slices through every time it's about to go boring
El Guapo
Alright, she almost had me,...but then the booger wall thing.....I really wish she'd left that story at home. :/
Her and Jennifer Love Hewitt are the same height, but somehow Jennifer looks a foot taller.
Google Wixer
She's like a crossover of Gillian Jacobs and Emma Stone. So, pretty much perfect.
Harry Dickus
I hope she liked Toronto....Such a cutie!
She's awesome in Don't Breathe
Ian Bo
I adore her voice! And the face. And when she has a long dark hair
Jesse Lioce
Joss, can she be batgirl pleaaase :-)
Joe Gillis
She is amazingly unentertaining.
Kilgore Trout
This girl was totally awkward to me.
Lemmy K. Is God
She does enjoy Boogers, but what about Snot ?? 👃 🤔
Lessli Silverman
He really did look sick, someone should'a kicked him in the back of the pants and sent him home.
Livid Ramen
I just laughed so much at the picking her nose thing, omg lol
Mad Hatter
She's a delight once she relaxes 😁 Thanks as always for the clips
Mansoor K
Dosa is a popular breakfast item...i know coz iam from Kerala..
Michael K
I shot my load on the phone and it made a mess😍
Morten Rolfson
Her trip to india sounds like a great set up for a horrorfilm. Yogis vs Zombies
Mr. Sparks
Woah. Her laugh and shyness puts a huge grin on my face. She is so damn cute.
Noa Doru
Batarang skills are going to need some work
Nuno Soares
She's cute.
A booger collection and fake red hair; not so lovely after all!
McKenzie Foy looks like a young version of her.
Prathap Kutty
how old is the second interview?
Private Account User
Uchh! Plainly unattractive to look at, monotonous voice, and her cluelessly disgusting personality is the only thing keeping her this side of a total bore. You'd think that her experiences in the entertainment industry would have afforded her some sort of depth of banter in ANY direction, beyond typical adolescent blather. No sense of humor, just a box of rocks with a jaw that flaps a bit. Oh well... They can't all be platinum. \
How sweet and lovely.
RJs endlessmind
She should be Batgirl
Wow. Jane Levy is kinda dim.
Reaper5.56 Xx
I want to creampie her
She's in the latest Evil Dead?
Saul Calvillo
Met her once in San Francisco. Very awkward girl not fond of the lifestyle she leads.
Sheba Kittycat
She is really cute. 2nd interview was 100x better than the first. Loved her in Don't Breathe,
So Good So Fine
Beautiful girl, but kinda shy. That's kind of surprising for an LA actress. Was ready to disregard the Evil Dead remake, but watched it anyway. It's really good. Pleasantly surprised. Great job, Janey.
Stephan Truck
Damn! That's Dana DeLorenzo from Ash vs Evil Dead dancing in the outro. Nice.
Stephen Michalski
Funny girl........From my home county.......Marin Co.CA......A booger wall......that's hysterical.
That big one
So cute
The Pride
why does she somehow resembles Michael Jackson
She's got such a cute laugh
Tony Montana
I would have thought that she had a personality based on her characters. What a disappointment.....
Tyler Durden
She's doesn't seem fake like other actors. Or she's the best actor ever.
Warren NZ
I'm sure they missed some sort of joke about wood when she said she got raped by a tree...
Jane seems to be extremely awkward in these type of interviews but when you watch her in none TV interviews she appears to be so much more relaxed and comfortable. \n\nI wouldn't blame her, talk show interviews always seemed extremely awkward to me.
She doens't look all that short, surprisingly--until she sad down. She looks like a little ball the first time. \n\nThen it looked like either she grew or they made the seat smaller.
charles wipman
She's pretty as hell but... dk man... .
eJacob Cornelius
Such a sweetheart but also looks the part in trashy eye makeup in her second appearance.
WOW! She really is adorable...and cute!
panos akulas
13:20 \
sammy eagleson
I'm a hippie and I was _somewhat_ offended by this! I still find her attractive though 💖💖
sanchit yadav
u r so dedicated to yr work.... it makes us happy, really hatsoff to u...hey where are u from?
Shes one of my favorite newer actresses. I hope she keeps taking interesting roles like shes been doing.
That girl doesnot belong in the city ,she is too inocent to be there
vader Ramn
Wow she pronounced kerala better than indians😍3:10
Do you plan on doing Jennifer Tilly?
really cute laugh
One interesting fact about Jane Levy. She was captain of her girl's high school soccer team.
She had a booger wall... I am so in love with this girl.