DJ AniMe - Absolute Mix #20

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Download this episode for free at: For bookings & inquires contact: [email protected] - Wild Motherfuckers - Alarma (Re-Style edit)2 - Tears of Fury - Mechanical3 - Art of Fighters - Your poison4 - Skinrush - Facebreaker5 - Angerfist & Radical Redemption - Masters of The Great Conspiracy6 - AniMe - Fear the Dogfight7 - Re-Style - Rock The Show8 - Penta - Are We Worth Saving9 - AniMe feat. Nolz - Superior Hardcore (Exodus 2017 Official Anthem)10 - Dogfight Clan - Dogfight Hardcore11 - Noize Suppressor - The Return of Bike's Drum (The Outside Agency Remix)12 - Nosferatu - Sanctity of Space13 - N-Vitral - Noise Pumper14 - AniMe - Liar15 - Black Flowers - Taste of Death16 - Unexist - Kings never die

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A perfect stranger
love you \u003c3
Andreas Richter
dj anime 😊😊😊😊
Angelo Giardina
Perfavore ne fai uno alla settimana?💣💣💣Grande AniMe...
Arrogance Sutherland
This is pure shaaaagGin musiQ
2:35 !
BK bk
OHHHHH yes i love it, nice mix :)
Solide runtergespielt ,... (y)
Bartosz Botulinski
Talented & beautiful:) please be my Queen!!!:))))))
Benedicta Valentina
LOVE the sirens of WWII WWI AND of course SILENT HILL at the beginning 😘
Biró Béla Péter
Ooojjeee 😎 X) FlyMasterX)HUN
i \u003c3 u anime
Bruce Lie
where I come from nobody listens to this only me I think I blare this stuff its my antibiotics it takes my worries away luv it till I die !!!
Bryan Forsythe
anime your amazing. there's not a lot of videos on here where u can see u mixing. I love to see you energy. I'm from usa. not a lot of people know about hardcore over here. I want to move to Europe just for the music. I love you and your music. hardcore 4 life
Charles David
excellent job anime 🔊🔊💣💣💥💥👍👍👌👌👌
Chris Eibo
einfach nur topppppppp
Chris Wubs
Dj Anime, the goddes of hardcore! (L)
Christian Luyet
\u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
I watch only a few minutes, and I already like it. keep up the good work!
Esto esta IMPARABLE!! La Rompeee!!Esto es Cosa BarBara!! \n\n*ILOVEIT'DJANIME* ♥
Echtwel Ofnietdan
good shitt
Eduardo Cabrera
I'm your fan dj anime =D
*Always amazing*
Enrico Rossi
sposami, ti prego
Awesome Set Nice
Filipe H.
Tomorrow i'll ear it again and piss of my neighbors, just because my headphones dont have bass enough and i abassolutely need bass in my life
Wake up and see this set as well as the most charming woman of hardcore ! \u003c3 Keep it up Anime :)
Frederik Van der Biest
Gav Johnston
love it n banging tunes,keep up the good work
Gerard Beltran
13:30 !!!
Grant Murphy
new favorite hardcore DJ 🙌
Guilhem Donnadieu
DJ AniMe your set is really amazing \u003c3 :)
Han Rutter
dj anime can i merry you.i love
Hardfrequencer -Official-
What a fucking awesome Set. I love it!
Barbara the Boss!!! \nSlaying! 🙌🏻👊🏻
Herman Budde
Gather the hardcore troops, general AniMe....
James Hudson
Never felt the need to comment on a youtube video, but that was sooooo good!
Jan Kowalski
Goddess \u003c3
Jessica Herrera
Jordi Puigdemont
buenos temas , aunque soy mas fan de gente que pincha directamente con discos de vinilo como dj pastis
Josh Hamilton
Banging 👌👹😎
Kay Vos
I LOVE IT 😍😍😍😍
Koko Hekmatyar
❤ Nice mix ❤
grazie ora sto meglio!!! ;)
Lady Dammage
Thank you Barbara.. Queen of Hardcore
Great...more plz.lg
Marco Ricci
Hardcore will never die
Mario LG
folladon te metia ANIME
Mariusz K
Howling sirens frighten me and excite me at the same time!
Marlon Boudewijn
she fine af
Mat Rallye
Mechanical 💖
Mika hell
l love ❤ Anime the best dj hardcore ✊👍
You are so hot and music is not badly either
Nicole Dowling
wunderschön +++
Niko Nattramn
Norbe Ospina
Omar Pregnolato
Paul Obel
Hardcore! \u003c3
Pavel Knyazev
pretty girl, better dj :)
Piotr Tajny
You are amazing. A fantastic mix \u003c3
Wat ne verballert eeee
Yee Doe!💯👌
даваи жги настяяяяя
This was amazing !!!\nI Love U DJ AniMe \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3\nHardcore 4 Life And Will Never Die !!!!!
Ro Po
When it comes to blood in my underwear, I want to know how it got there. Nice Basskick.
Rodi Sandro
Fantastica!! Grande mix!
Rory Mulder
nicely done barb good one and good tracks also amazing !
Sam Lownoise
would be nice if u could include timestamps in the tracklist :)\nbig up!
Sean M
you are sooo fine
Sebastian Vuzgarr
IDOLA 😍😍😍😍
See you in Defqon.1 Anime! \u003c3
Slawek Zdancewicz
I am stunned by your beauty.
oh yeah, perfect for gaming \u003c3
fking nice +1
Taffy 83
ani you are so beautiful and the music you conduct is nothing short of amazing
Tears of Fury
Thx for the support !!!!! :)
The Protocol Gaming
Hardcore Angel.
Tobias Karlsson
Absolutely awesome, great work! Thanks to you I have found my way back to Hardcore music after many years! Greetings from Sweden.
Torben Holzkamp
holy shit, what is this? :D
Vicente Cabrera
ohhhhh yeaas de lujo
Vitalii Klinskih
Anime спасибо за бодренький микс! Подняла настроение)
WhY sO mAd Bro Lzzz
Keep up the great work amazing tunes!!!!
World of Hardstyle Uploadz
Yuriy BigMuzzy
andre sturm
das ist Mal wieder ein guter Titel zum Anhören
cinthia campusano
Amazing! I hope to be in your studio one time :D haha
derbulan 337
when your Come to netherland (and where)? it's sound pure awesome
fake ?
livio gaspari
grande Barbara
mike mastenbroek
rambo da filo
occhio a non farla arrabbiare!
sei fantastica :) e fai buona musica ^_^ contiinua così..mau :)
roger requena
one show one time
skrillo apothic
barbara dances as good as she makes musik =9
staff nox
richtige sau :D
Александр Глушков
not bad
Стас Цепелев
Ёптай,офигенная запись!!! Успешных выступлений и всего всего!!! пы.сы: чертовски офигенно выглядела,секси'-шмекси))))