Argentina vs. Brazil: Which Side of Iguazu Falls is Better?

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To see more of my discussion on the topic of Brazil vs. Argentina and which side of Iguazu Falls is better to visit, check out my blog article Iguazu Falls, or Iguassu Falls as it's written in Portuguese, is one of the wonders of natural wonders of the world. It really is spectacular. However, many visitors wonder which side of Iguazu Falls is better? If I can only visit one side of Iguazu Falls which should I see? And well many might argue that one side is actually better, I think that the Argentina vs. Brazil battle is really no warranted here. Both sides of Iguazu Falls are worth visiting. Both sides of Iguazu falls have their pros and cons. For example, I think that the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls gives you a better panoramic view of the falls. It allows you to see the falls more than on the Argentinean side. But, you are farther from the waterfalls. On the Argentina side of the falls, you are right in and amidst the falls which is a really cool experience. So, really there is no real victor here.Anyways, in this video I share my thoughts on which side of Iguazu Falls is better in case you only have the chance to see one of those two sides on your visit.

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Andre Kreitlein
Thanks for your V-Logs. I enjoy watching them and I feel nicely inspired.\nAbout the Falls - I spent two days there - I like both, even for me the Argentina Side was for me in some kind more impressive. I loved the birds which dived to the waterfall, reaching their nest and for sure the massive amount of water.\nI possibly I would recommend everyone visiting both side.
CHB Mercer
Just so grateful that you can take us with! Thank you.
Digital Real Photography
Great as always! Really enjoyed seeing your photo work and the info about the falls. If I ever get to go there will having many things to look forward to, thanks to you Brendan.
Fabricio Souza
As cataratas estão 60% na Argentina e 40% no Brasil, no entanto uma completa a outra, os dois lados são lindos.
Gustavo Delos661
The Devil's Throat is in Argentina. \nIguazu Falls 80% Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better.
Ken Young
I love how you video your location and show the subsequent shot. Very informative. Hotel and travel costs would be interesting to know too.
Marty McFly
This place looks awsome! As Your pictures do!\n\nThanks for the video!
Mike Cotton
I love the colours of the raging waterfalls.
Neale's photography page
I'm curious as to why you prefer long slow shutter to soften the water. My preference is to have the action and spray lovely and sharp, but you obviously have a ton more experience than me.
Phil E Vignola Jr
A beautiful place well captured in both video and photos!  Well done once again amigo!
Photography In A Click
Hey Brendan. Great Vids dude as always. just wanted ask it I could interview you for my channel on the gear needs for a long journey. I am looking to do a 2 months travel and wanted to interview on the essential requirements for travel photography. Would like to discuss this further with you if possible. cheers . J.F
Stop Having a Boring Life
Now I feel bad for not making the trip when I was in Buenos Aires for a few weeks; great shots and I think it's beautiful no matter where you're standing!
Thx you made me laugh! (\
Wagner Corrêa
Great review! You helped me decide the trip!\nDid you go to Curitiba or Florianapolis?\nCheers 🍻
As a more modest northern Swede I think you should lay back on the superlatives and the photo effects and let nature do the talking. It doesn't give a serious feel when every other word is \