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Abhijeet A roy
very interesting place....
Absenduke Muhammad
Canada is the most beautiful city on Earth.
Ameen Yaseen
wow thanx Expedia my favourite.
Anna *
Aphinan Tangsermkijsakul
When did you make this video? This timing has such a beautiful nature.
Arif Khan
I feel lucky that I have visited this falls many time during my stay in Canada
Arif Quraishi
Hii dear friend I'm from India.\nIt's my heartiest disire to come at niagra downfall.\nBut I have short of money.\nThank you so much for make this video.
Atharve Kumar
I want to go 😱😱
Audrey Pantor
I've went there 5+ times and i visited Niagara falls at night and it's rainbow. It's really cool!
Bilawal Khan
Most beautiful view ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carl Barns
It's funny that people put this on they're bucket list cause I live 40 minutes away and we go all the time so it's really kinda boring now lol
Claudia S.
Great video!!!. Thaa ks for sharing... One day I will live there... ♡♡♡
Connor Derek
haha i work at that arcade 
Cortarius McGlothen
That's Beautiful
Darren Lee
Niagara Falls, the boundary of Canada and USA. It’s the most magnificent landscape in this world. So amazing. I aim to see it with my lover in the rest of my life. And that’s why I learn English so hard and wanna go abroad to further my study someday. Coz English can open up my eyes and help me to finger out the totally new world
Dennis G
How could Expedia not mention that Buffalo, NY is only 30 minutes away and is the closest major city to Niagara Falls. Expedia should do a Travel Guide on Buffalo, but then again, there is already another video with just as many views as Niagara Falls.
Egidia Consigliere
The best
Elena Angelini
The Falls are wonderfull also for the romantic and ancient Story of Lalomai and his patner.
Elsie Saunders
feels like heaven......sooooooooo beautiful!!
name of the song? +Expedia 
Hay otras cataratas mas grandes, pero estas son mas visitadas. Muy bonito el video.
The Canadian side looks better, and I guess funner. U get a good view of all the falls. United States side is boring and all you see is the impressive Niagara falls, Canada skyline.
Guri Sandhu
Canada is the second heaven😊😊😊
Hitesh Patel
Awesome video i must to see once time in my life. Thanks to expedia for uploading such a beautiful video with us
Canada wins
Jacqueline Pena
Hey guys!! I'm a American Citizen, my question is do I need a passport to see Niagara falls in Canada ?
Jing Wang Ou Yang
just went, it soooooo amazing! So many things to do, to explore, to discover!
Jose Pacheco
why are you people comparering the 2 country on this very site for. who cares really. this is a place where, if the 2 can't get along, must co-exist anyway. besides, i've seen better waterfalls elsewhere than this. people are so ignorant sometimes.
João Valério Jacinto
Que belíssima cidade ! ...Um cenário de encantos !  É a mágica criação da natureza,ensinando e inspirando o homem.A criar e recriar tantas maravilhas,a sua semelhança.
My half of the family member live in Canada
KaiXian Fang
i love it
Kamilla Iqbal
Get some good selfies here
Kaylas Flower
I've been here so many times before
Kenny T.K. Chow
Besdies, I went to a haunted house with friends in Niagara Falls Canada, one of the most unforgettable and fun experience I had... :) 
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch
Everyone needs to see Niagara Falls before they die. The Canadian Side is better than the American Side.
La Voyage
Does the NY side give good views or is it worth spending $160 for Canadian tourist visa?
Luiz Matioli
Beautiful canada but in brazil have cataratas do iguaçu is Beautiful too
Madiha Khan
nigara wow its really very beautiful and moules place i need 2 visit there 😍😍
Maisha Islam
I love Expedia channel!
Martin15113A Gamer
Mike Yu
is canadian or us side better??
Mircea Costiniuc
Beautiful and interesting video.
Mona Baldwin
Expedia can you do a video on Victoria Falls in Africa?
Muhammad Suleman
Expedia please upload Pakistan Vacation Travel Guide
N Ajiukam Zeliang
N Wilson
Wow! This place is the most beautiful place in the world. Amazing place. Thank you for the nice video.
Naveenaa Somasundharam
Neha Aktar
Sara gama padanesa
Ngoc Phan Anh
Norhan Alaa
Osman Arabi
why the boats are waving US flag??? it should be Canadian!!
Paweł Oz
Byłem widziałem czułem bryzę Niagary. Uczucie nie do opisania.....
Polat Alemdar
Prerna Atwal
wow wow wow wow wow omg i am just awestruck .Its so beautiful,I hope I will be there soon
Rajesh Potnuru
Show me more cities
you forgot marine land. You know every body loves it. XD
Ravindra V
Niagara Falls: Breathtaking, Awe Inspiring, Beautiful & Stunning. Looks spectacular in any angle.\nI would call this as one of the wonders of modern world. This incredible place has been on my bucket list for ages. Everyone should stop by here at least once in their lifetime. One of natures gifts to mankind. Thanks for the great video Expedia. You're the Best.
Roberto Villani
what an experience I hade when i visited the waterfalls I've been to the Canadian side but i guess the American is just as beautiful. will go back for sure love both USA and Canada ❤ GREETZ\nFrom Italy
Rodolfo Roger
Can anyone tell me if Niagara is a good place to live or at least to spend a year as an exchange student? It looks so small and there seems to be no nightlife. I might eventually spend a year in Niagara because apparently it is cheaper than Toronto or Vancouver, but I'm afraid it may be tedious. Could anyone possibly help me with any information about nightlife, places with live music, jobs? \n\nThanks in advance.
Root - Gamer
It's the most aesthetic landscape i've ever seen in my whole life😀
В апреле 2017 года мы тоже поехали на Ниагарский водопад. Вот тут вы можете посмотреть.
Satish Kumar
Amazing place😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Satyam Yadav
Pradeep Kumar
Scott Pantera
Most ppl when they think Niagara Falls they just think of the falls. However the actual city is amazing as well. Don't just get sucked into the falls. After exploring the walkway/boat ride go look around the city. A lot of stuff packed into a small area.
Been here many times and can say that you must go here in your lifetime!
Sohrab Anwary
Went there. It was so beautiful. Thank you Expedia For uploading a such a beautiful tourist destination. Happy Travels.
Suhail Azizi
I subscribed to your channel Expedia just by seeing this video. Just amazing
Sunn shine
Niagara is the most amazing view I've ever seen!!
Nature gifted country is America god gifted peoples in America both coincide to form great intelligent and developed nation god bless for ever to supervise the world
Tayyip Mostafa
How sublime!
The Legend
I went their last year right before new years where it was -20 out side and it was beautiful. The mist just adds several inches of ice over everything around the falls. Best of all there's not much people who visit it when it's that cold and in my opinion the best time to see it. Just make sure you bring lots of warm clothes because it gets cold
Timothy Stratton
Nothing like it. Blew my mind
Titan the Cat
Went there in August 2014. Niagara Falls is beautiful, a site to behold, especially the Horse Shoe Falls.
Uyên Bùi
Valarie Bishop
I've visit 4 times and loves it very much. Especially when you go down on the boat to get closer. Beautiful.
Wajeeha Einy
That was the best guide. I cant wait to see it !😍
Zaitoon Naz
Man, you guys deserve millions billions subscribers :) Amazing guides
Been there in summer 2013, it's amazing. Really wish to go again someday.
ayman abulaban
canada has nature charming :)
bob david
Wow what an amazing place!
dark shadow
I like to travel very much
Niagara Falls seems so beautiful, stunning and magnificent.  I hope to go and visit someday so I can see the beautiful big waterfalls that there known for :)
lavenna Su
I am wondering I can go there one day😍😍😍
nordin hassan
I am going there in 4 weeks
proud bangladeshi
Canada is the most beautiful country on earth.
pushpraj patel
Very thrilling
ravinskey roblox
i cant wait to move to Canada
sf kagzi
I just wanna go there and feel the spray from the falls on the walkway. Putting this on my bucket list!
spirit and truth
Do I need a passport to go to the Canadian side?
suresh krishendeholl
I got to visit Niagara Falls some day.
teagbroh643 GDC
tiger nature lover
I love Canada 💜💜💜💜
محمد صادق
مااجمل الشلالات نيكارا
I went Niagara Falls 2 years ago. I walked along the boardwalk and went in the boat that runs through it. It is stunning when you look at the staggering heights from the bottom, the water raining on your poncho.