Winter Special Mix 2018 Best of Vocal Deep House, Nu Disco Chill Out Mix 2018 by Mr Lumoss

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working with that Perfect music everydays....
Alfredo elegido muñoz
Muy buena música.💤🙏
André Oliveira
Alone with you
0 dislike 👌🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🙌
Bianca H
what is the song @ 23:55 ?? track list pleaaaaaseeeee!
BigSmall Bro
Black Gordon
I need that wallpaper bro!
Blake Moskowitz
Track name @ 1:05:30 anyone?
Brett Koehler
Amazing! Mad props to you!
C Completelyother
the first song?
Calin Dron
Hello. can you tell me the name of song at 1:59:00 ? please. Thank you in advance :D
Carina Joseph
Amazing mix!
Carmelo Guidetti
Carolina Oprea
Nice music :) I wish you ,,fantastic weekend of December....♥️😍Happy New Year to you!
Chino Feldmayer
Chris Jones
hi what is 1:14:00? thnaks
Chris Romo
love it
Curious Cat C
20.30 ?
Track name between 00:00 until 03:25.?
Derek Tedders
Song at 1:25:41??
Distruggere (alterare in maniera distruttiva) le canzoni originali per fare soldi e iscritti con youtube è peggio di rubare!. Sei da rinchiudere amico!.
Dovydas Jakaitis
Yes It does thank you Mr Lumoss end of a day 15 January ;)
Between 1:23-1:26 track name please 𓃭
Edward 3304
Evangelos Stampolis
Track name at 26:00 minute?????
Feeder Noob
hey MR lumoss can u add all names music plz , guys like for he see it
Ferman Ali Muhammedi
1:19-1:22 song name please
Awesome Remix! \u003c3
Can someone put a playlist in here.\nThere are some really good songs
Gerardo Abraham López F.
Like Like Like
Gilberth Hernandez Loria
Me encanta exelente Musica
the song at 1:22:55 ?
Gopal Chandra Das
I love the I follow you version. It's simply awesome..
The best mix I've heard thus far!
J. H.
36:00 - 40:00 Anyone?
Jason Page
Play list pls tune at 26.00
Jesus Rodriguez
Between 3:35 until 6:05, may I ask what is the title of that song/artist?
Jim Brionz
oMg. She is so Beautiful.. What is her name?
Juan Carlos Ayala
does someone has the entire tracklist? :I love many songs from this mix!!!! :O
Julie Lmc
Jolie musiques 🎵
Kadir Ozbilek
7:00 9:30 song name?
Katarína Bendiková
Nice music !
Khelifa Bouhlala
Top top toooooooo
Lara Sambert
love this set, it´s my favorite right now :)
Leila Ley
00:00 Yunus Durali - Alone With You
Amazing Mix! \nHey guys do you like piano songs?\nI make piano music ( this has always been my passion ) with my personal modern style\nTake a listen, you won't be disappointed ;) Have a great day!!!
Lupita Gonzalez
I love music 100000 likes
Luuk van de Beek
What is the name of the track that starts on 1:05:00 ?
can you tell me what is called the song at the 26th minute?\nthank you\n🎅Happy Holidays🎅\nSuper mix👍😍❤️😘
Marcin Koi
first music name?
Mecka Dj
Track list?
Miroslav Miletic
First song : Yunus Durali- Alone with you \nlife is beautyfoul 😘
*TRACKLIST* WIP\nLike and help me to complete it! Also keep in mind that those timestamps go cross transitions, meaning they're not perfect.\nAlso! If you feel like a song is still too far off, then leave a reply ! \n\n\n\n\n0:00 - 3:35 Yunus Durali - Alone with you\n3:35 - 6:04 Kate Linn - Your Love\n6:04 - 9:50 Polvo Disco - Filipinas (The Same Remix)\n\n9:50 - 15:27 Nora En Pure - Let The Light In (Original Mix)\n15:27 - 20:32 Lexer - My Princess\n20:32 - 25:20 *------------------------------------ (?)*\n\n25:20 - 31:20 James Welsh - The Way (coops221 gunna give you ma sexin' 120 bpm edit)\n31:20 - 35:22 Sven Dorau Feat. Lile - I Follow Rivers (TheTronicsound Edit)\n35:22 - 40:30 Parra for Cuva - Elara\n\n40:57 - 46:20 Nora En Pure - Come with\n46:20 - 51:05 Kungs - Candy (feat. Jasmine Thompson) (Paolo Nutini Cover)\n51:05 - 56:00 Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) (Pretty Pink Edit)\n\n56:00 - 59:31 RÜFÜS - Sundream (TÂCHES Remix)\n59:31 - 1:04:24 Finnebassen - What You Do (Original Mix)\n1:04:24 - 1:10:06 303bastard - License to feel (Original mix)\n\n1:10:06 - 1:13:18 Mark Lower ft. Scarlett Quinn - Bad Boys Cry\n1:13:18 - 1:18:07 Fran - We Are Planets (Fapples Remix)\n1:18:07 - 1:22:42 Zhu - Faded (TÂCHES Remix)\n\n1:22:42 - 1:26:54 Nubah - No More Lies\n1:26:54 - 1:31:26 Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)\n1:31:26 - 1:37:05 Jimmy & Fred - I See Lights (Karmon Remix) | Exploited\n\n1:37:05 - 1:42:07 Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack *(Remix???)*\n1:42:07 - 1:47:11 Saccao Biatlone & Vintage Culture - U Gonna Want Me (Moe Turk remix)\n1:47:11 - 1:52:46 NTFO & Karmon Nobody Else\n\n1:52:46 - 1:57:11 Studio 14 - Hangin On (Nubah Remix)\n1:57:11 - 2:04:22 Paul Simon - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Âme Private Edit)\n2:04:22 - 2:10:17: Lexer - Dream & Love
Muris Turan
Please song name at 20:50
Nada Komelj
Amazing 👍🌹 Thanks 🌹
Oceane Cambier
Pavel Zuborevich
Redo Tao
The first song?
Sawasdee Rawai Phuket
Feeling the feeling of happiness\nso good\nPraise to God , Alleluia
Saška a David
31 25 is starting song : I folow the rivers - cover by who ?
Sebastian Salazar
Track minute 47:00 please
Sergey Breev
Tracklist when?
We need a Tracklist PLEASE!
Speed Racer
Happy New year! Track list, anyone?
Stephie Pahlavi Zan
Amazing Music Mr Lumoss...I 've got your back!
Tim S
that last song is so relaxed :) and btw i made it all the way through wihtout noticing. good job :)
Toni Barber
3:40 song music?
Anybody could please tell me the name of the song at 1:04:43 if you know it?\n\n Cheers
Tropical Vibes
Trying And Fighting
feel good. this song really good play in the sonw weather
Tuan Pham
Unknown Caller
HOW KNOW IT ???\nWHO IS REMIX THIS SONG 1:37:05 - 1:42:06
Viktor Starikov
Can anybody identify song at 15:13? Just AMAZING!!!
Vilius Karalius
Nice music :) thanks :)
Where is the tracklist please ?
Yılmaz Demirtopcu
Nice Türkler gelmeden şuraya yerleşeyim ilerde belki değerlenir buralar 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Zoraida L. Santiago
Third track 6:08?
baptiste capou
2:00:00 what is this sound pls
blueberry smasher
Very catchy melodic mix
carl withers
amazing first track
What is name of song at 13 min mark??
filip R
36:00 min song ?
jai tee
great work !! song at 56:00 please !!!
1:57:00 ? pliizzz
Is this on Spotify? If not...make it so
21:15 anybody? :(
neon 20012
wie heißt das erste Lied 0:00-3:20 ??
Beautiful music ...thanks
on cherche lahanya
What's the name of the first song 🎶🎤🎶🎵? Please
ovidiu gherasa
shanton banner
Irie beat Rasta...bless up
What is the name of Track at 1:38-1:40? :)
01:40:15 someone? Which remix of Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison is it?
Łukasz Mackiewicz
Track 47:00 ?
Super mix ^_^
Михаил Рожд
Track name at 31:10 minute?