Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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I know your Ego is hurtin just knowing that all of your fans discovered me .\nThis is a line that MGK clearly says that some Em's are only living under em's umbrella without knowing there is actually good rappers other than Eminem .\n( before anyone jumbs me , i am a eminem fan long before i became MGK fan cause Em is the OG with pac / snoop and the others chill )
Meanwhile lil pump is on drugs somewhere
3omar Agar
Who still listening in 2020?
Adstrucla The dude
As far as I'm concerned I'm a 40 yes old man but machine gun just closed that casket good job man CHECK PLEASE
Aidan Park
bruh this beat 😦
Aiden Gauthier
Alot better then Killshot.
This dude grew up idolizing eminem, consuming all his songs and now he’s the only one who put out a legit diss track against him. Crazy.
Andy S
Eminem has always been lame to me. That track about everyone not listening to techno back in 2001 was funny because everyone was at a rave back then. Eminems style is only diss tracks and that shits not cool anymore. I mean that's his only game is dissing people which kinda killed the genre when he came out. Eminem needs to just fade out! seriously
MGK won as soon as Em answered this one.
Austin Lyons
I like this guy better
BEAST Nation4L
thank you so much MGK for making Eminem create killshot
who's here because the comment section on eminem's diss isn't loading?\nEdit: probably nobody now cause it got fixed but thanks for the likes tho
Bonnie Mountz
Omg!! Kells I am one of the 144,000 in revalations 7 I prompted to say we all need to tell you we all need pray 🙏 and pull this 🌎 back together.. EST 😘💫👊🙏
Bosli B.
I Think he likes tattoos. But I'm not sure..
Caera Kipper
You are better than rap god.
Eminem will always be the best rapper ever. No one can out beat him
Camilo Taylor
This is still a W
Chriss Martin
I'm i the only one that listens this to listen killshot after? Hahahahahah
Craig Craig
I give him the \
Cristo Fallo
He spits some truth
Dan Zena
I'm not crazy about MGK but I don't hate his material. I think he is talented and I do think Eminem is one of the GOAT in the rap game. However, this was actually a dope ass diss by MGK!
Denette Larson
Mgk have some respect . Like if u think so to
Deonte Hubbard
How the hell y'all dislike this a million times but yet this man spoke nothing but facts in this entire song 😡💯👊
Dethaxe 79
Lot of respect for mgk, he is only rapper that had balls to answer to eminem! Now he is part of big rap history.
Dontavius Henton
Somebody grab me some Clippers, his fking beard is weird. Lol at least he spitting facts. Lol daddy's always in da studio cooped up yelling at da Mic.
Drew McInter
Dustin Connors
M is better lyrically but mgk is a better musician in my opion though rap devil and kill shot are both of there worse tracks so for me it was a lost for both still a fan of them both
Elier Santiago
I love Eminem but he took a lost on this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fazer Lazer
Ferdi 72
Tattoostudio: which tattoos you want Kelly?\n\nKelly: yes.
Fernando Delatorre
Somebody diss Snoop Dogg so he can redeem himself
Fiqar Ahmad
My fav song till now!😍
Fortnite Fanatic
Lol the way he said not afraid though😂😂 3:29 to save you some time
Gabriel Oteng
This is white on white crime now 😂
Geetha Venkat
Who else are hard-core eminem fans but still love this song?
Give me Bacon
The only capable of trigger Eminem, you got balls
Horvat Acid
Im Eminem Fan But this beat and lyrics is soooo nice
Irwin Velasco
This is fire 🔥
JaniceViking Bauer
I admire a rapper who don’t rap about hurting his mom ,or ex’s shows maturity and respect .I guess being named after a gangster would make sense
Jeff .The KIller
I wonder how many people disliked this just because they're riding eminem's nuts
Jo Jo
Ima em fan but rs he murder this hoe
Joe M3
Whose here cause they cant see the comments on Em's video\n\n\n\nJust let us know what you think in this comment and Will argue it out here haha
Let’s Just Admit That MGK Won This Battle😂🤷🏽\u200d♂️
Juan Barahona
That moment when the best disses were\n\
Julio The God
I mean... tbh his beard is kinda weird
Kade Dead
His body is like a highschool desk.
Kamali Campbell
Who else came back here to do a proper comparison after Eminem dropped his diss song???😂
Kevin Kevin
I'mma see if the eminem fanbase is loyal\nComment=Eminem won\nLike=MGK won
Krass Krasniqi
This diss is very sick respect to machine Kelly gun ✌️😂
Kyle Horton
Unlike eminem he did his research
Killed eminem
Lee taemin shinee forever taemin Shinee forever
Haha he really hates Eminem or what!!!! somebody please explain this to me am confused. Btw his rap is just a dope♥♥♥
Lemuel Uhuru
Love Eminem but MGK won, mostly Stans day otherwise but in their eyes no one can beat Eminem so their votes don’t count
Lonely Goat
0:55 “IM SANS” 👁👃🌀
Mind & Muscle
Theory : Eminem made a lyrical diss track in order to bring back lyricism and actual bars to rap music. By him targeting individuals that are talented, he forces a response to bring battle rap back. Eminem knew there would be responses, but only those who had the talent to do so. This pushes artist like pump, lil xan etc to the back and the real rappers to the front in order to restore true rap talent
I think the real beef is between the people in comment section
Nicholas Norman
I still want to see a rap battle between eminem and mgk, straight off the dome freestyles
Patrick Lett
At the end of the day MGK said they can scrap if it comes to it and I’m sure he would body Eminem in a real fight
Peaches Nevaeh
Bet he can go out with bo shirt and people will think he has a shirt
Peppe Rana
I'm an eminem fan and I never listened much to MGK but this shit is damn hard and it's good for the culture
Phoenix Mister Two
I was an Em fan, until he revealed his hate for half of America.
Look at the dislike button like:\nNow i know what kind of stans are. Really Sad😓😓😓😓
Rod Shirley
So much dislikes but it's good
Sagit Ahmed
Both are good MGK better and Eminem best
Savage Cheetah Gaming
If you look at it this way, they're writing poems for eachother
Sebina Timm
I do agree with most of the lyrics lol and love that they were finally said
Seth Koch
I think MGK has Eminem on this one!
Shane Crause
I am an Eminem fan... but this is gold.
Shayne Gatchel
i actually like this
Tattoo artist: \
Played this on my camaroo \n\n\n\n\n\n\nNow it is “MUMBLEBE”
Sports Highlights
Go to church and be with the lord. Prayers be with everyone.
Square Central
better than eminem
Steve D
I understand why people want to feel like eminem kill shot was hotter than this I mean he a legend but the truth is truth mgk killed him with this 👏🏽👏🏽🔥
Terrence Terrell
I like MGK's diss better than Em's
Even now, so long after this shit happened, I still think MGK did pretty good. I mean, the percussion in his beat sounds like 90% of other modern-era rappers, but his lyrics are pretty tight, honestly.
Tory Harvey
Who else is switching through both disses to see what’s better
Ucf Sfinx
Applause for this dude first ever to give em a punch right in the face 👍
Umer Qureshi
Most viewed diss Ever 🔥🔥
Ysser Punk vampire
bathe Entrails Yaluk
Riding shottie cause I gotta roll this dopee
brats_4u_avr 1
Am i the only one who actually likes it and listens to it? Lol
devin smith
Idc mgk sounds better them Eminem’s. And definitely has more balls to it.
extra chesse8
Lol somebody grab me some clippers
fortnite killer34
Who else still trying to figure out what he is eating??
from your head to your soul
He got skills but so don't I😎
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Dj Khaled has been working out for 2 1/2 years and hasn’t lost any weight.
jeremy garnett
just a guy
Love Eminem but this diss is so fucking good!
kate 21
I haven't seen such white on white violence since civil war
maxwell mayiji
as a eminem fan I stil listen tp this is 2019, took MGK alot of guts to go against Eminem and for that I respect him
method man
thicc mama
Top 3 Greatest Rappers Of All Time\n\n1. Eminem\n2. Slim Shady\n3. The Guy In 8 Mile
Okay Oscar the Grouch, chill on the couch... im ded.
Ádám Sors
Bro I love this guy, no one else had the balls to reply, i love m but this diss couldn't be any better.
ツe m i l y
Iove em, but I bet when he heard this he was like, \