Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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He’s body is next to that instrumental
Meanwhile lil pump is on drugs somewhere
6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room
I remember before killshot MGK was getting mad props for dropping a Diss track about a legend like Eminem but now everyone's back stabbing him and disliking this video 😂
A Bathing Mike
You got balls dissing someone who dissed their own mom
A LOT OF FUN & 4488
who comes here everyday ??
Adrian Rivera
I bet 99.9% of people were wondering what was in the bowl. Wheaties or Cheerios?
Agent 007
I'm still listening this song holy shit
This dude grew up idolizing eminem, consuming all his songs and now he’s the only one who put out a legit diss track against him. Crazy.
Alejandra Padilla
Alen Lastimosa
He actually had the balls to diss Eminem, but he didn’t know what he got himself into
He has the new fortnite pickaxe \
Amira grace
Killshot is like Way Better then this
Archie Ka
Tbh this was a decent song but a bad diss
Artamas Redfox Adams
No I love Eminem that I also love you man 😭
Ash louise
Huge Eminem fan but credit where its due this is a fuxking amazing Diss track
Austin Grappe
Aye he might as well just dig his grave with that shovel
How many people came back to this after listening to Eminem killshot
Is it just me or does he look like a rejected version of Justin bieber
He is braver than the men who killed John Wick's dog and stole his car
Bodhi June
I have said it from the second this song dropped.... song of the year!
Bosli B.
I Think he likes tattoos. But I'm not sure..
Caillen Canavan
Eminem’s better
Chessey Man
everyone who views, should sub. but if view twice...…. or if view to make fun of. like if I hate u... byt I don't. they would watch/view
Christopher Korduplewski
How is Eminem alive if I already ate tons of them
Chuck Jones
Who else here cause killshot comments not working
Clark Klent
Legends we lost in 2018 \nAvicii \nXxxtentacion \nMac Miller \nStan Lee
Cod Nam
Will mgk survive? Will eminem go full broly mode?! Find out next time on DragonBall Z
Criso R
Best rapper this machine the big boss
I'm in better place now\n-mgk career
Daahn ダワン
Still listing after 2 months...
Dark ,
Mgk is the rap devil then he prays lucerfer
Deborah Wallace
Eminem wone this rap
Derek Montgomery
Not bad...for a career ending song
Eminem made him a lucy instead of lucifer.
Donovan Enslin
Here before a million dislikes..
HiS bEaRd Is WeIrD
Driftclub DC
Chill Eminem is a 40 year old man bouts to have a heart attack bro
EScutiaz Reacts
Default skin can rap wow
Edwin Jr Daniels
Fact!! peep what he saying stop diss him shawty, if he didn't have Dre to produce his sh!t
I prefer Em's song but this is very nice too
Eric Ibe
The people hating on this song probably listen to this more than killshot
Fernando Delatorre
Somebody diss Snoop Dogg so he can redeem himself
kinda late but it just blows my mind that someone would use autotune in a diss track..
James Hickman
Eminem won hands down
Jason Costa
This is the most compelling diss song, let's talk about it.
John Brooks
This song should've been Machine Gun Kelly \
Kade Dead
His body is like a highschool desk.
Kamali Campbell
Who else came back here to do a proper comparison after Eminem dropped his diss song???😂
KarDiac kiD
Who else got the brass to go at the best lyricist.... I'm just saying I'd defend myself too.
Kaylob kelly
I like how in the interview he said that when em mentioned his man bun that he was rapping facts. So i look at the video and the first thing he says is \
Khen Vlogs
You say your hungry but your eating in the video ??????? What??? Don't get it but ok
Kiki Aa
Obviously he killed it 😍😍😍 i played like 10 times
Eminem: Hold my beer...
Lisa Short
Oh my god I love him so much 😂
Harder than is cousin, Staple Gun Johnny.
Lost Soul
I don't know why MGK lovers like me hate him just because he dissed Eminem🤞
Good song but you messed with the wrong guy. You’ve awoken the king
Matthew Yip
Who came back after listening killshot?
Muhammad Rafi
Why u swear to god while you sing rap devil?
I think the real beef is between the people in comment section
Nele Pears
Ur beard is weird 😁😁
This is a Nice Song,Nice beat ,Nice flow ,Nice liyrics ,and 0 for Eminem because he replied to a reply of this guy,he dissed first opinion
Om Kasarkhedkar
I support Em, but honestly Rap Devil is lit!
*I'm mad that I'm just now listening to this* 😤
Ravage Core
I'm an eminem fan but holy shit this is a good diss
Remix 400
Damn y’all mahfkers really came back to dislike this 😂😂 y’all brazy 😂😂
Richard Demoney
Why make a diss track when you keep saying let's talk about it
Eminem inspired me to start rapping - I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!
Russian Unicorn
Guys \nLet’s take a look at the facts here \nEminem : releases a diss five years later \nMGK : Writes a lyrics,records his song and makes a music video in about 48 hours after Eminem released “rap god”
Sakhile Jabulani
this here is quite a good rap, plenty of points making sense
Sally Kaptan
Well..yeah.. but he's actually good.
Savage Cheetah Gaming
If you look at it this way, they're writing poems for eachother
Shannon Fiehn
I hate to say it cause EMS my dude but Mgk looks sexy here.... smdh
Tattoo artist: \
Snoop R
Not a mgk fan but I respect him for being the only one to have the balls to diss em. He actually land some blows at em 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Steph Modelchic
I really think MGK went he got bars on bars in this song....EMINIEM is still the RAP GOD though!! Love u EM.!! 😘😘
Stony Tony
someone should start pissing mgk off more often
*So MGK spend his whole day digging his own grave*\n*REST IN PISS MAN BUN JELLY*
TK Dbz
There wouldn't be a devil without a god :P
Ty Allies
So i like Eminem more but Kelly made a better diss
Wolf Taylor Music
Idc what anyone says MGK is good, the fact he’s the only rapper responding to ems diss is pretty respectable.
Came back to see the last song of his career
Yiğit Burak AKINCI
nerf gun kelly
Zack Spidel
Says he hungry but he’s eating. Weird flex but ok
wow he killed that IN MY OPINION
conlan McNerney
Literally the only reason so won is because he went second. I only spit facts
Sounds like the type of guy to say he's too cool for school.
hold on to my revolver
november 17th, still 🔥 🔥 🔥
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Dj Khaled has been working out for 2 1/2 years and hasn’t lost any weight.
ilovewolfs ####
Oh my god ronny
jay willburrow
why does he choose to record a music video 70% in between 2 busses
light love
Eminem called mgk a mumble rapper in killshot which is completely untrue he actually has talent.i think Eminem just mad because he’s a talented.
peeprz boi
I like this song but I gotta carry a bible and hit the hail mary before I listen.
sukhjeet singh
These 12 year old kids r acting like em can't be defeated. It was a tough battle where mgk did very well and he deserves respect. I think These blind fans don't know what happened when em dissed some real men..
tony harris
Rap Deviled Eggs for Thanksgiving
his voice is good, his song writing is ass
Somebody grab him some nail clippers ..... Umm what :/