2 Alpine Type S 12s In A PVC Aero Port Box Very Impressive Bass Drop!

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Local girl basshead's trunk build with 2 Alpine Type S 12's. When the bass dropped I almost crapped myself. Veddy nice indeed!

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She's cute.
I have the 12.s to but I have Hifonics 2000 how can I make it like Urs but my shit bumps good to but I want to make it like Urs please help me thanks or we can email each other if u ok with it
a music system in a car needs damping. Special the Hyundai.
Can i get the demensions i have the same subs running on an arc audio amp
California xbOnline
i hear san-holo in the back ground \u003c3
Charles Burford
She beatin hard as hell....
Christopher Muniz
That’s crazy I live in Cherokee county as well
Cole Lutz
I'd marry her
Daniel Faust
who is the girl so I can follow her?
Dark Side
send me info on how to make the aero box.
Dbuilt Series
look in front of that clean ass ej1 civic. clean. imagine those subs in that civic.
Decoding end times
All that bass coming from her gave him a tent in his pants
Dhiezel Tasefa
what song?
Dillon Blethen
Damn she's gorgeous. Bad ass box, too.
is that a 6 or 8 inch port
Douglas Silva
beatiful girl😍
Dylan Brannon
u know, i cut a piece of bicycle inner tube and stuck it behind my license plate and it went silent. maybe a good idea?
Emmanuel Selvas
Hey what town is this i would like to go propose
Gerardo Mendoza Garcia
It’s rare to see a nice sound system in a nice car
whats that first autotune song being played in the beginning ?
Grizzly Dude
Bruh I’m from Cherokee county that’s what’s up reppin
Fix your car its parts are loose crap,not impressed just shows crap parts really
She was alright till I saw her nose....damn that's huge..!
I hear alot of distortion. I have a decent 5.1 setup on my end. Either it's coming from your recording device (assuming phone) or your subs are doomed. How can i tell?
J. Lueb
Lmao using a fusion amp
JDM Stance
Whats the amp watts rms
James Wright
When the bass dropped he was like \
Jeffrey Sturgill
From 2-S TYPE’S WOW!!!
Joe Davis
What's the name of that song that shit gotta long draw
Joe Gama
+Bass Thrashing that set up is insane I never thought those subs were capable of that!!! Can you post a video of box build like that??? I have A single fi q 12 and would like to build an aero ported box please THANKS!
John Buckland
love this setup. these subs are way underrated i rekon
Jose Francisco Medeiros
I am sure it sounds much better in person, why don't they face the Subwoofers and Port towards the interior?
Josh Cook
Nice subs, IPV3, and Subtank..
Juan Rivera
Anyone knows the dimentions of the box and port lenght???
Junior Rivas
Its alright my two kicker compR15s wired at 0.5ohms do way more flexing and bumping
Justin Fox
+Bass Thrashin Yea I was definitely impressed with it
Kyle Tautfest
Shit subs. Alpine type s was my first sub and I’ve been through many brands and that type s is the worst sup I’ve ever owned. I’m gay and at least guys know what’s up.
LaZy 4 Life
Those are 10's
Manuela Garcia Corona
cm se llama la cancion
Mathieu Bombardier
what was that tuned to? building a new box for my type R 12's with a 6\
McKenzie Brown
2 10s
What was the name of that first demo song
Mohg Wells
Those Alpine Can Hit Hard Asf
needs moar dampening
Nick Lopez
She a juicy fan
she graduated in 2015?  shes 2 years younger than me, ayo bass thrashin tell her I said wasup!!  that's my bae right there!!
Great video from my favorite YT channel in GA...No joke...I like yours better than anyone else who lives in GA...You have good videography skills which I'm still trying to get better at.
PSE Mentalist
Holy cow what a areoport box that's sounds great
Wow I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra with 2 alpine type rs on a 1600.1 pioneer amp wired to 1 ohm, getting 800w rms in a ported box. This girls set up looks like it's hitting just as hard as mine. I have 2 way type s in the door and kenwood 5 way 6x9s in the rear and it sounds awesome.
Prince Charming
3:08 wats name of song
Randy Diaz
I have the same subs and stype amp. It truly is crazy bass. I had to adjust the bass on the amp it's extremely powerful.
Rexious 0
Rob Hailes
What the song playing
Ryan Moore
what Amp was running the subs
Salvatore Hayes
i would laugh my ass off if i heard that song blasting and saw her in the car XD
What were the exact measurements for this box??????
Sterling Witherspoon
she went just because she got base
Tay Smith
Wish my girl love bass like that
Thomas Hyde
What amp are you running
Tyc music
What size and length is this port
Vaughn Valone
I just upgraded from 2 12” type S to 2 12” Type Rs how is this even possible
HI! can you give me the spec the box how many ft3 and diameter of the port, I have 4 alpine type R 10\
Zane Laurence
link to the aeroport tutorial you were talking about
nice. I'm buying 2 type s 12's tomorrow. and a 900 watt pioneer amp. just lookin for suggestions on what amp to use.
ashton pecker
What song is that called that shit slaps
Always cool to see female Bassheads! And she slamming!!!!
chevbass879 98
how loud is it
cole vinson
anyone have the specs to this box?
What amp do they have. I got 2 type s alpine also but the amp overheats an goes into protection
Damn she cute and those subs slap!
iakopof79 79
iwayne culture
I don't understand how facing the port towards the trunk makes the base and he better you get more metal play it doesn't sound is good with the trunk vibrating why not ported into the car
jake 4rm state farm
Wow that goes to show its all in the box.
kevin smith
Damn your shit humpin! and sound clean! What's the name of that song?
l yfz l
What's the song right before juicy j-don't trust
2:20 she smiling cause she knows her bass gon blow shit up
Where do u get those aeroport???
How many cubic feet is the box?
san mask
Good evening you are awesome and the video has a nice question How can I make a box like this? What is the method of linking? 1 um? 2 Aum? Thank you very much
Box specs please I'd appreciate it so much I have 4 of these and built a box for them and it sounds like junk because of my bad design and build I need some help thank you! also great build very clean and impressive
What song is that??
Nice to see some females bass'n
swagg so smooth23
damn makes me want to build a aero port for my sundowns
techno-house zinna
woow beautiful girl ;)