Extreme boat trip inside Iguazu Falls (Cataratas de Iguaçu) in HD

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There is no doubt that the 250 Iguazu Waterfalls are the world best Waterfalls.With 2000m in Argentina and 600m in Brazil, where 480000 liters (127000 gallons) per second

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Alex Hernandez
Looks awsome ! Hello, what tour company is this?
Amanda Ovis
Bellísimas las cataratas nuestras
Andres Aenima
Argentina 80% brasil 20 %
Gustavo Delos661
The Devil's Throat is in Argentina. It´s amazing!\nIguazu Falls 80% Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better.
J Simo
how have i never heard of this before???? amazing!!!!!!!
Javier Biassini
the Argentinian side %200 reconnnn! don't miss the nautical adventure or the great adventure.. for more informetion, come to Iguazu National Park! Puerto Iguazu, Misiones; Argentina!
Good video
Luisina Tacconi
excelente filmacion!!!!!
Lyona Mahshcenko
Какую камеру вы используете ? Это автоматическая настройка?
Manuel Dupree
You're all lucky.\nI want to take this board with all of you too
Maria Dos santos
Marija Panova
Not Special
May VM
Maravillosas!!! Después de Niágara Falls, estas son las siguientes!!!
Paul Daniels
Well done you missed out on a great bit of fun , by fucking filming it instead of experiencing it , sad .
Saúl Morales
Travel And Discover
Look Awesome!
Vaidehi Vaghela
That is great!!!... you guys are so lucky to visit
sindhuja jain
Wow just wow