Excrementory Grindfuckers - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2014

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The day Excrementory Grindfuckers played Bullhead City Circus at Wacken 2014, they released their new christmas record "Rampampampamm - Weihnachten mit den Grindfuckers". As was to be expected, this Grindcore show turned into a very special Christmas party in early August. A "Must See"!Explainer: One song from the performance is missing. This particular song will be released on the Wacken 2014 DVD.Songs: Final GrinddownWackenTV is the place to find hundreds of clips shot on site throughout the history of the world’s most famous Metal festival - getting more and more on every Monday and Thursday. Legendary performances, gorgeous campground atmosphere and exciting glimpses behind the scenes are gathered here. Meet the Wacken-crew with our host Harry Metal and watch out for Wacken-related stuff like shots from Full Metal Cruise or Hamburg Metal Dayz. Comment our clips, like us on facebook and take part in our video-vote there once a month.And of course - SUBSCRIBE to the channel, so you don't miss anything!LABEL COLOUR CODE:Red Label - Live PerformanceGreen Label - DocumentaryBlue Label - Harry Metal PodcastOrange Label - Trailer ClipYellow Label - Music Video ClipEnjoy and stay Metal! \m/wackenwacken 2011wacken 2012wacken 2013wacken 2014wacken 2010wacken 2009rammstein wacken 2013wacken 2008heino wackenwacken 2013 rammsteinnightwish wacken 2013wall of deathjan delay wackenrammsteinvolbeat wacken 2012volbeatin extremowacken livenightwishheaven shall burniron maidenin flamesamon amarthjbo wackenavantasia wacken 2011jbowacken dokurammstein heino wackenvolbeat wackenmotörheadwacken 2011 ozzywacken reportagerammstein wackenknorkatormetallicamotörhead wacken 2011in flames wackenroberto blanco wackenblind guardianknorkator wacken 2011wacken firefightersin extremo wackenarch enemywacken 09wacken heinocannibal corpseder w wackenchildren of bodomheino rammstein wackentrivium wacken 2011hammerfallsabaton wackensabatoniron maiden wackenschandmaulsabaton wacken 2013subway to sallynightwish wackenmotörhead wacken 2013dimmu borgirwacken hymnetrivium wacken 2013metalamon amarth wackenairbourne wacken 2011wacken 2007wacken feuerwehrairbourneknorkator wackensantiano wackenavantasiadorofreiwildvan cantosantianotrivium wackenmachine headauf nach wackencannibal corpse wackender wscorpionswacken full concertmambo kurtimmortalsaxonwacken 08rock am ringsix feet undermanowarwacken open airböhse onkelzdoro wacken 2013avantasia wackenscorpions wackentriviumairbourne wackenwacken 2011 reportageblind guardian wackenapocalyptica wacken 2011kreator

... Concert Excrementory Grindfuckers (Musical Group) Festival Grindfuckers (Musical Recording) Heavy Metal Live Performance W:O:A WOA Wacken Open Air

What is Grind? Baby don't hurt me
Sound of me taking a shit is more music than this. Trying to cover lack of originality with kindergarden costumes
I didn't know Jesus was in a grindcore band
Clive P
D. G-J
Elektrische Gitarren in Songs aus den '70ern... Das hätte es früher nicht gegeben... 32:32min...
Death Metal
Doc Kotoga
I've Lol'ed :D
Douwe Hummeling
What is he saying at around 8:24 about Heaven Shall Burn? xD
Drivez Insane
04:21 Thanks for the laugh camera man!
Fanima Dekoi
OMG This is my new favorite band.
Felipe X.
My favorite show in Wacken 2014.
Finchis Welt
Alter xD
Jolly Jo
That sucks!
Dafaq but amusing, hahaha
Für den dramaturgisch perfekt in Szene gesetzten Zoom bei 4:24 sollte der Kameramann einen Oscar bekommen.
0:52 Final Christmas\n3:06 Fröhliche Power X-Mas\n5:12 Klingglöckchen\n6:13 Schnaps\n8:28 Excrementory Grindfuckers\n9:31 Nein kein Grindcore\n11:38 Looking for Grindcore\n13:11 Schämt euch\n16:14 Heimscheißer\n18:29 Grindcore Blitz\n20:54 Taschengeld\n23:51 Veganerweibchen\n26:18 Metal im Blut\n30:03 Halb & Halb\n32:17 Vater Morgana\n35:30 Staatsgrind Nr.1\n38:48 Final Grinddown
This is the best thing I've seen since Flesh Juicer's music video for Funeral.\nThis is the best thing I've seen since Gloryhammer's roleplaying.\nThis is the best thing I've seen since Christopher Bowes's solo careers.\nThis is the best thing I've seen since the Pacifist's music video for Happiness.\nThis is the best thing I've seen since the crossdressing in Versailles.\nThis is the best thing I've seen since Russkaja's diversity.\n\nThis is a German Christian Russkaja mixed with Merlin with 100x more insanity.
Princess Rainbovvs X Musashi
How the fuc do they have 40 mins of material even with the talking? amazing.
Richard Metfan
Die sind einfach grossartig!!!
Es waren etwa 35°C im Zelt und ich war todesverkatert...aber der Zauber von Weihnachten lag in der Luft und das Bier schmeckte ein bisschen nach Zimt....
Str4wb3rrym4n yt
nächstes mal auf der Black Stage
Søren Hansen
This is gold. Some of the most whack shit i've ever seen. 😊
Uhmm... I think I should have been there XD Rock on! \\,,/ ♫\nIs that Devin Townsend´s Evil twin brother on the drums?
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
Funny band xd
Vince D'Amore
Does the fifth song (Excrementory Grindfuckers) go by any other name? I can't find it anywhere but here.
Werdiv Metal Videos
Geiler Auftritt, leider nicht dabei gewesen :)
Knorkator is ja schon die Härte, aber das toppt alles :D
dan Mihaita
It s ok for a laugh. Saying this is your favorite band...
Wow....that sucks
umma gumma
You must go onto OEF......
Üf Da
I knew it...Osama IS alive
Семён Семёнов
Rhythm-section is fabulous!\nBone-thin drummer smashing all the shit from drum-kit + bass-player who ate previous drummer, but had not defetacet poor lad yet!