Summer Special Hot Mix 2018 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2018 Chill Out Mix by Drop G

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Agent StephenG
@25:27 OMG!! I am in love!
Ali M
Tracklist pls
Amy Matti
Fire!! Looove it so much I want to marry it! 😄💃💖
Anett Baumann
Song from Hungary, Thank You .-)I do like very much your Mix, that the first time, that i hear hungary song .:-)Is really very good Mix:-))
Ato Mar
Attila Ari
Nice Mix Bro👌
Bangkit Jaya
I am from Indonedia, we like your music concoction, Mr. Dj, I hope you can play in Jakarta, thank you for the music, dj Drop's continued success.
Counted the days 😀😀
Cristian Dina
LOL, just a Hungarian Song 51:03 :D
DJ Deep Magas
Perfect mix bro!❤️
DJ VoTz Miix
EDM Nomad
I miss the *summer* already 😞😞😞
Earth Angel
Is anyone else bored? Idk whats up, but all these mix channels are still repeating the same tempto and images. Its time to drop that bass 😴
Eilzabeth Janiiz
Thanks for the upload.In Youtube again🙏🙏.But I still feel Think about the old video,you delete!!!😫😫😔💔
Emil Solomon
There was a mix from Drop G few months, with the girls from the start of the video. That mix is no longer available, I really liked that part, can someone help and provide that? Thank you very much if someone has it. Drop G maybe u can help...?:D
yeeeah!! boom
Fernando Cecchetto
Gracias por esta excelente música!
Hanif Yorgo
😎💊💊🚬🚬😍😎👍👍👍 it’s very good
Hayley Brown
WHERE DID YOUR BEST VOCAL DEEP HOUSE MIX GO!!? mate that was by far a jam I'd been replaying over the past few years for it to disappear
IEdSww S
14$21 слишком депрессивно, Выключил
Jefferson Silva
Muito bom 😁🤙🏼
Lantos Zoltán
First song?thx
Long Tran
00:00 Vanotek ft Eneli – Back To Me (N.O.A.H. Remix)\n03:07 Caleidescope ft Nik Felice – Lady (Filatov & Karas Extended Remix)\n06:51 Tony Martinez & DJ Josepo – I Feel Your Voice (MY Remix)\n10:47 Erdinc Erdogdu ft DJ Funky ‘C’ – Go Off (Deepjack & Mr. Nu Remix)\n14:45 Kokab – Got U (Ready or Not) (Mar G Rock Remix)\n20:19 Chadash Cort & ALP3R ft Morena – Slow Down (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)\n24:57 Mar G Rock – Save Me (The Distance & Igi Remix)\n28:46 Robert Cristian – Tell Me Why (Original Mix)\n31:41 Alan Maciel – Feelings \n36:03 Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze – Better World (Matvey Emerson Remix)\n41:03 Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Kyry & Allexis Remix)\n45:28 Yunus Durali – Alone With You\n49:03 Papai Joci – Origo (Victor Biliac & Waves Remix)\n53:01 Bugra Atmaca & Mad Flynn – Jerusalem (Original Mix)\n58:55 DJ Pantelis ft Zara – Dle Yaman (Original Mix)
La musique de l'adulation des femmes...
Maram Mansour
Martin Martin B
What is Your name Dj Drop G? .... i,m sure that is MUSIC. :)) still in good shape !!!
MaxiMusic - RUSSIAN
Русские хиты но 1 музыка украинская
Nada Komelj
Prfrekt 👍👌🔝
Ozgur Yuce
Paul d.c
How come they took you off of deep house tv ? that was the only way to watch you on my box!!! an i miss you on there!
Pierre Sanchez
😉💓🍹🍹💯🎼😘✈🛄✌💣😃🏩〽🎶😜😚😍🎠,amazing soundtrack,🎶🎶🎶〽🏩😘🎼🎼💯💯🍹🍹💓😉
Psychedelic Raver
Track ID 29:00min ???? Pls
Relax Apartments
Madheshtore 😍
Salim Ramdane
very beautiful rhythm
Samuel Natanael
...YOU ARE COOL.THANK YOU!!!.A good Dj...
Sneaky 4Ltu
Dislike any new song ? 😔
Soooo Deeeeeep!!! Thx\n\n..and no ad... I LIKE
Tropical Vibes
Valdir Silveira
Adorei muinto loko
Как всегда супер!
from Argentina 💪😉👏👏👏👏😘👍💕💖💙💜💚🎵🎶🎼🎧i love your music DJDrop
if you are reading this please know that i love you no matter who you are and what you did. Share the love and accept it. World is such a beautiful place.
Gooddddd !!
peter twnsend
keep these summer mixs going bro.... dont even notice how cold it is listening to these
soltana soumia
wow love this amazing mix well done
wojtek gałuszka
zajebista muza pozdro ziom
Łukasz G
Very good DJ !👍👍👍
Артем Малиновский
Скажите кто нибудь этому олигофрену ,что б восстановил наконец то старые удаленные видосы ...
Евгений Питкин
Качество г
Пол Харис
3:38 фап фап
андрей давыдов
русские есть?
العذراء الجميلة
daleto_b43 means union しゅづん earth
오~~베 리 베 리  구ㅇㅇㄷ  ㅎ